10 Things to do if you are getting married.

Getting married? So let me clear you one thing! Breath out the stress and prepare yourself for a better start instead of telling horrible stories later on for several years of mishandling the people around or messing up with in laws in the initial stages, just follow the tips and feel free to get ready for a much much  much better start than others around.

It hardly matters if you are a boy or a girl to read this article. This is for both of you.This article I really wish my both kids to read before they get married.

So read this points and try to change little habits as they actually matter a lot for the kick start of after marriage life.

1- Alarms and your personal health –

Start getting up early at 5 am everyday or 4.30 am.Give yourself time.Get some beauty treatments, haircare and morning walks with exercise.Be fit.Be healthy and look great.take steams, get rid of those blackheads, dead skin and rough hands and feet.Get early and indulge in some beauty treatments.Set multiple alarms to drink water.Stop eating any kind of fast food and freely offered food. Even after marriage eat moderately and avoid all possible extra fat. Start praying too. Start meditating. Be stress free.

2- Learn cooking –

Boiling potatoes, chopping veggies, peeling fruits, making rice in microwave, making tea and coffee, great curries, cake and grilling fish along with fluffy omelets. Never did it? Ok learn it now. As a new bride and groom you both need to know some basic cooking. Who looks better?Imagine yourself. A confident girl with cooking skills or a smart husband making great coffee? Or a pair of showoff retards with a sign on face”we know nothing”.Learn it as a surprise for each other.

3- Quick cleaner –

Start taking hold of your clothes by cleaning and ironing them yourself.It will take sometime but you will end up in taking what you need to your husbands house or the boys can create space for newly wedded wife’s goods too.It matters. Mend your almirahs and donate all extra stuff you actually don’t need at all.Start doing it every week and don’t give it a miss.

4- Gadget control –

If you are boy than buy an extra charging platform for your wife and if you are a girl than buy yourself  few power banks to keep yourself away from screaming if you are not able to charge your phone because no power plugs are free in new house. Just leave the habit for few days to check phones very often.You are connected but you are actually harassing those who are around to meet you for the first time.Don’t use phone much in all’s presence.You can tell things to your close ones later on too.

5- Bank locker / security of valuables –

After wedding is over keep all not much required heavy jewels in bank locker.Buy a small electronic safe to take with you to new house or for your coming wife.Be safe rather than putting things here and there and blaming in laws for lost things.

6- Learn to listen and respect –

Just for a month keep quite and observe what others opinions about certain things are. Just wait and watch. Don’t try to jump in any arguments or over react to elders.If yours is love marriage than don’t spill the beans in front of everybody that what all you did prior to marriage.

May be you are embarrassing your wife’s parents or your husband’s parents.Just listen to each and every person and keep quite. Give loads of affection to the little ones and try to avoid mingling too much.

Kids got immediate infatuation and they are very hard to avoid if they start interfering being too much attached to you. So just be reserved polite and loving. Set your limits rather than crying later.Dont tell too much to kids.

7- Detox –

After few days of wedding start eating less and drinking more.Like fruits infused water or smoothies to keep up with your body shape otherwise lot many times lot many heavy and expensive clothes get short. See if you can spare a day in week to eat very less and drink water a lot. 

8- Control of speech and smiles-

It is important if you are a husband. Don’t over react to your wife’s treatment too much.May be your parents are very tired. Don’t over react if you are a bride. Just speak less and listen a lot. Smile little and all the time. Smiles bring glow to face. Being a new bride and groom you need it so that pictures come very good.

9- Distribution of wedding pictures –

Plan it very well. The moment you get it ask the photographer to give 20-50 cds of it and distribute it to all close relatives. They will cherish the moments again and again. I personally dont like those who hide for years the wedding pics.

10- Control of personal pics and social media –

On social media avoid positing you and your wife’s honeymoon pics in skimpy clothes. Your parents will be embarrased to see them, your friends will look a better view of your wife and some porn websites may use your wife’s pics as free models. Whatever is personal, keep it personal. Don’t show off the bikini and shorts pics all over the world.There are models and they get paid for it.

Happy married life to you!

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