10 Tips to overcome a painful breakup!

1- Take few deep breathes and ask someone lives nearby for help in packing.

2- Keep tiny chocolates(if u love them) nearby and start munching and treating yourself as you are about start a FRESH start. Trust me. You GOT a chance. Just imagine of me, I can’t even step out of my abusive marriage.

3- Start packing and singing songs. Start smiling and feeling good. So that it can reflect from your body language.

4- Now onwards wherever u are on social media remove his pics in one go. Post your childhood pics, parents and siblings pics and friends pics and schooling college days pics. You are single again. Love this moment of FREEDOM.

5- Feel good, happy and free.

6- Do not show any desperation and start being sincere. Give yourself sometime not money based activities. Start going for walks, yoga, meditations and exercises.

7- If possible start going to nearby elderly care or any other social services or praying.

8- All you need is 6-7 months of deep thinking.

9- And give yourself at least 1 year to revive to be a totally different person for a new relationship. And deny any kind of intimacy if marriage is not on the cards. It works. Now it is time for HAPPY stability. 👍🏻

10- Last but important point. Do not FEEL sorry for this relationship. Just rubber(erase) it. Real men never walk out on partners. They stay and control or solve the issues. Check on Barack Obama’s behave towards Michelle Obama. 👍🏻

And pls do not tell anybody about it too. Just laugh it out with simple words. Nobody wants a sobbing soul. Everybody wants a fresh happy honeybee around. Same with you. Never ever ask any guy about his past too. Just a fresh start for you forever. And again no second relationship if marriage word in not in. We are WOMEN. Strongest creatures on Earth. We are not playballs. So if something strong like marriage is around we are in. 💖👍🏻

Now your next goal shall be HAPPINESS! 🌸💖🌸

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