12 Things your plumber is hiding from you. 

Clogged drains, over flowing kitchen sinks or stinking commodes, we always call these guys who come to see how much clutter we created in our daily habits.

Recently somebody came into my office to look for a specialized clamp because he got a very complicated plumbing issue.It was a pretty expensive clamp but he bought it by saying that his client is ready to pay for it.Later on he told me that it was actually dogs hairs which created a ruckus in that household.

So thought of writing this article because we are actually lot many times paying for our own laziness or our house helps laziness too.
This is a list what plumbers actually feel when they see you in mess :-

1- I get my big earning amount because I can see that you or your house help are damn lazy.

2- Throwing tea leaves in kitchen sink is a big idea to pay big amount to plumber very often.

3- Before calling me you could have tried that baking soda with white vinegar and than loads of boiling water in clogged pipe. It works!

4- You herbal handmade soaps or vegetable scrubs or herbal face packs are major problem for bathroom tub blockage.Wipe them with wet tissue or hand towel than wash it rather than straight washing into sink or tub.

5- You got long hairs and your clogged pipe is answer for not using pipe strainer while taking bath.They are very strong actually to be there for longer time and get thicker and bigger day by day.

6- If you are flushing organic sanitary pads,napkins or tissue paper it is big mistake.

7- For any tap leakage first try to apply thick cotton thread over the leakage multiple time n paste it with quick fix glue and dry it with hand dryer.47% percent time it fixes the problem.

8- That used refined oil you are throwing in kitchen sink is major problem for us too.

9- Every night after completing kitchen work try to put some boiling water in the kitchen sink.It will save you from getting problems.
10- Don”t pressurize me to complete my work early because you are getting ate for a party or movie.I am a human being.

11- Check some easy you tube videos to fix your small problems before calling me.

12- You got major problem and you have you house’s blue print too with plumbing details.That is a great help otherwise you will end up in paying more for the hours I m spending at your house in searching the pipe joints. 

Wish you all a happy home!

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