14 Ways to help your parents live longer.

Daughter hugging Elderly mother

Daughter hugging Elderly mother

Yes now a days when everything is so complicated and commercialized it is our own parents who always turn out to be more open, helping and big heart to extend us first helping hand. Isn’t it?

Recently few weeks back my father in law expired and I felt so helpless in doing lot many things for him because I am not much allowed in family matters being a second wife. In my last India visit he asked for a blood pressure measuring unit but I was very reluctant because I knew that it can create big violent fights in the family being ego hurting issue.

I am writing this article so that if you are missing something from this below list then please start doing it so that your parents can be with you for more time and live longer. It will eventually improve your life quality too.

1- Nuts, Cinnamon and Honey – Make a finest powder of little roasted almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pine seeds with cinnamon and green cardamom. Ask your 50+ years old parents to take it daily every morning two tbsp each person.Ask them to consume honey with warm water on regular basis too. Because of cinnamon it is very useful for diabetic patients too.

2- Extra virgin oils – Ask your parents to use extra virgin olive, mustard or  coconut oil for cooking. If they are using any refine oil ask them to stop it.It may be palm oil in the name of sunflower or peanut oil.

3- House-helps Hire a full time house help for your parents who can keep house tidy, cook and clean. Let them be less stressed over the daily visitors kind of house helps.Talk to their house helps regularly too.

4- Morning walks and Yoga – Ask your parents to go few miles or at least take a round of the house row every morning as a health ritual. Show them some easiest possible Yoga methods too.

5- Steamed food – Suggest them for more adaptation towards the steamed food rather than oily or deep fried food or consumption of red meat.

6- Smoothies n soups – Ask your parents to consume whole fruit like apples, pears or sepodila (chickoo) with milk or curd n oats by making smoothies.Make sure that they take one smoothie and one soup everyday.

7- Praying – Any religious place near to house, take them regularly there to be more motivated and blessed towards life.If you are not around than request your close relatives to go with them on regular basis.

8- Small online courses – They will feel interacted and motivated. Enroll them for some small online courses. It hardly matters what they learned or not but they will feel connected to the world.

9- Hobbies oriented- Keep asking your mother for little things she is expert in making or your father to do for you which is related to his deep interest. It makes them feel that they are required.It matters a lot.

10- Involve your kids – Ask your kids to call your parents on regular basis and for some long time and ask them questions about your childhood. Let them make your parents remember things and laugh too.

11- Body massages – Get your parents body massage regularly. Let them oil their bodies and get body massages.It improves the blood circulation and they will get a human touch too. Hire some expert to do this.

12- Foot massage and electric blankets – If you can afford than buy them foot massager or foot spa from good companies like Osim or Beurer so that if they feel tired they can get relax. Electric blankets are very good thing too to keep them warm and cozy in cold weather.

13- Family trips – Plan a family trip every 4th, 6th or 8th month with them.It will keep them connected with you and happy too.

14- Talk to them – Please call your parents regularly and for long time.make sure to take their advise on tiny issues as they feel wanted and important in family.

Happy parenting to you all!

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