Aligarh chicken korma.

This is one of the most authentic recipe from the kitchen of my well known family based in Aligarh. They are quite famous as a builders there. Being quite associated from Aligarh Muslim University very well their kitchen is always open with big heart and pans full of food for all.

This recipe got few deep tricks which if you follow you will be surprised to taste the flavors and your reverences start oozing out from heart for the flavors this korma contains.

Please do try it. This is a request.


1- Well cut, washed pcs of 1 Kg chicken.

(Dip them in a big bowl full of boiling water)

2- 6 Big size onions (peeled and sliced very finely, by hand)

3- 4 Medium sized tomatoes (sliced thin and smallest pcs, by hand)

4- 1 Cup thick curd

5- 6-8 Tbsp dhania powder, 4-6 Tbsp Biryani powder/chicken masala(I prefer biryani powder), 2 Tbsp salt(according to your own taste), 1 Tbsp red chillies powder, 1 Tsp black pepper powder, 1 Tsp nutmeg powder, 1 Tsp Mace(Javitri powder), 1 Tsp Garam masala powder, 1 Tbsp haldi(turmeric)powder, 1 Tsp cloves powder, 1 Tbsp green cardamom powder, 1 Tbsp black cardamom powder, 1 Tsp star aniseed powder or 4-5 broken pcs, 3-4 Tbsp ginger garlic paste.

(Mix all in a glass with 1/4 cup hot boiling water)

6- 6-8 Green cardamoms

7- 4 Big green chillies sliced

8- 1/4 Cup grated ginger

9- 6-8 Big garlic cloves grated

10- 1 Cup green n fresh corriander n pudina leaves finely chopped.

2 Cups mix of finest refind oil and desi ghee

1/2 Cup Khas Khas(poppy seeds) soaked and grind well into paste.


1- Take a big, heavy and very well cleaned heavy bottom cooker.

2- Heat it on high for 2-3 minutes.

3- Close the flame and cool it.

4- This will make the cooker totally odorless.Ready to adopt the new recipe fragrances. It matters.

5- Now pour in ghee and oil mix.

6- Start the gas flame on high and keep it for 1 minute. Lower the flame.

7- Put all onions in one go. Mix well and cover the lid.

8- Keep sautéing for 10-15 minutes on lowest flame till you get golden semi dark brown onions.

9- Now squeeze very well all chicken pcs and mix with these fried onions. Start frying for 5-10 minutes on lowest flame.

10- Mix in chopped tomatoes, poppy paste, green chillies, grated ginger and garlic. Mix well. Start frying again for 5-8 minutes.

11- Pour in spices mix and mix well. Keep frying and mixing in for 2-3 minutes. Now put curd in.

12- Fry it well for 4 minutes on low.

13- Close the lid of cooker.

(Yes no water to be added)

14- Keep an eye on the cooker. The moment it reached the level of first whistle, close the flame immediately without allowing it to whistle.

15- Open the lid and mix in chopped greens.

16- This recipe is for thick korma which tastes great with desi ghee laden chapatis and boiled basmati rice.

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