Cooking is best thing to learn.


I love cooking since my childhood days.Recipes in my reachable ingredients attracts me a lot.I live in Qatar and market is bit far from my house so as a Mom of two little kids I am always in search of something good healthy and nutritious for my kids.I am continuously hunting for new things to try on but still I have full faith in tomato soup with maggi in it or Almond powder mixed with saffron in milk as healthy options for them.

Cooking skills since childhood helped me a lot to come close to those arrogant relatives, tough heart friends and later on my mother in law.Cooking helped me during my jobs in abroad as we used to cook and eat it all urself kind of routine.who else will eat a cooker full of yellow dal khichdi?Blame it on wrong measurements by my room mates pls.

After my marriage I saw my sister in law a prominent Gynecologist taught me how to make perfect Bhatura, moong dal pakoras and puris.I kept learning and years after one rainy day my hubby made bread rolls and I started crying that how come I never knew that he is such a good cook.

Cooking is not a degraded thing like few Moms pretend it is.Cooking is an art which is part of everybody soul and taste.I personally feel that you are more on materialistic side of life when you dont know cooking much and have no interest too. I feel strange that after teaching kids specially girls in convents than professional colleges few families get them married to NRIs boys to face the trauma of being alone to help themselves for life.

Life abroad is difficult i know it well but life is not easy in India too.

I had a 24 hours maid since my marriage to help me but she was a family member type person and I used to cook a lot myself.I am very sorry to say that you can not teach Indian maids or helpers the importance to remain clean ever ever.I have seen high profile people having helpers with severe dental diseases and skin problems.Moreover you dont know whether he scratched his balls while making chapatis or she touched her armpits while making vegetables.

I have seen so many examples of unhgenic ways of helpers that it scares me now to eat food from any household having helpers.

Why people are growing up their kids with a mindset that my girl earns this much salary and she can afford a cook?why cant we raise kids with a mindset that i will cook my food to keep my family with healthy environment around?

Ok dont cook 7 course diner but still one vegetable or daal chawal or khichdi is much healthier if u make it urself with washed and cleaned hands.

Basic cooking skills are a plus point for your kids if he/she goes to hostel or other city/country for education or job.He/she will be less homesick and will be busy in evening time to cook for himself.

Grown up kids who can cook themselves are less likely to fell ill in comparison to those who eat all food from outside. 

When people degrade cooking as servants work i try to control my inner smiles by thinking about Sanjeev Kapoor and Tarla Dalal.Cooking is passion actually for those who want to create a happiness around.Isn’t it?

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