Crispy kuttu papad cheela (satvik recipe).

This is a great recipe for those who like very crisp things and trust me you are going fall in love with this method of making papad type cheela.

Ingredients ~ (For 6-8 small cheela)

1- 2 Cup washed and dried sabudana (sago seeds)

2- 1/4 Cup almonds

3- 1/4 Cup cashews

4- 1/4 Cup peanuts

5- 1/4 Cup curry leaves

6- 4 medium green chillies

7- Salt according to taste

8- 1 Tbsp black pepper powder

9- 1 Tbsp black cumin seeds powder

10- 2 Cups kuttu ata (buckwheat flour)

11- Oil for frying

12- Non stick pan – a must have


1- Deep fry sabudana, almonds, cashews and peanuts.

2- Sabudan will start splitting and popping a lot so put few spoons in heated oil and cover the lid. Fry on high than lowest flame.

3- Put cashews in heated oil, count for 10 and remove, same with almonds,green chillies,curry leaves and peanuts.

4- Grind sabudana, almonds, peanuts, cashews,curry leaves to fine powder but actually it will become like paste. That is fine.

5- Now mix in kuttu ka atta, salt, black pepper powder, heera powder and mix very well. Pour in some water to make a semi thick batter.

6- Heat the non stick tava or pan, heat it on high and lower the flame.

7- Put a laddle full of the batter and it will spread itself due to the oil the nuts n sago contains.

8- After few minutes like 1-2 minutes start turning it upside down and keep frying for few more minutes and you will get a golden brownish crispy cheela.

9- It tastes best with cucumber raita.

🌸🙏🏼Happy Navratris🙏🏼🌸

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