Five ancient north Indian kitchen tips.

Let me tell you about my mother in law’s kitchen tips. Her misraniji(lady cook) used to tell many stories that how Doctornijj (my MIL was a Doctor) used to teach her healthy and her own Dadi Sa’s tricks in a very strict manner. 

1- Rub in the palms. Cumin seeds and Carom  seeds (jeera & ajwain) taste better when you rub them strongly in between the palms before putting them into hot oil.

2- Ginger juice in pakoda kadhi . Grate fresh ginger very finely and squeeze atleast 1/6 cup of juice. Add it to pakodha kadhi. This will reduce the sour tendency of curd from the kadhi and adding more flavor to it. 

3- Always add baking soda to hot oil before adding it to bhatura or pakoda or kofta dough/batter. They will be more fluffy and crispy.

4- To make bhindi fry just remember three things. 

1- Chop big slices of onions. 

2- Let them be half cooked while adding the bhindi. This will provide continuos moisture to raw bhindi. 

3- Add carom seeds not cumin seeds to make bhindi fry. Carom seeds are must for vegetables with goey texture like arbi or bhindi or kands like jimikands.

4- Dry ginger powder makes bhindi ki sabzi more yummy.

5- Always make bhindi fry with open lid. Never cover it. And you will never get that gooeyness in this fried vegetable. 

5- If possible knead the chapati dough with desi ghee in it. Adding desi ghee to chapati dough, improves the texture and taste as well as gives inner strength to body joints. 

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