Fried one apple for myself today morning! 

I was feeling bit lonely and painful today morning when my part time job’s boss called up for a discussion. I told her that I am not feeling well due to my periods and being lonely too. 

She suggested me “fry an apple for yourself”. I was about to inquire the recipe but she closed the phone. 

I found one good and very easy recipe on pinterest and tried it. 

It was a major change for myself because I am a damn lazy person to cook for myself. This is the reason I do not drink tea or coffee even. 

Recipe was quite simple. Just mix few spoons of finely powdered sugar with cinnamon powder, allpurpose flour and cornflour very well. Now deseed and slice apple. Coat well with mixed powder and deep fry on high flame in heated refind oil in a pan. 

Serve it with vanilla ice cream. Want to taste it more than let vanilla icecream melt fully than dig in. 

It tasted like an heaven in platter recipe. With the hint of cinnamon and mild crispiness the taste of this kind of deep fried apple slices was out of this world. I hope I am not getting addicted to it. The creaminess of vanilla icecream with apple slices was so fantastic that it is beyond imagination.

Today I realized that it is not necessary to eat accordingly what other family members prefer. We can do little changes for ourselves too. Like doing little portion cooking for ourselves too. Isn’t it? Thanks to my boss for giving me a simple but useful suggestion. 

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