Healthy Diwali with home made bundi laddus.

Happy Dhanteras to u all! 

This year I bought a white rasgulla tin to keep celebrations simple as my father in law passed away in January. But my daughter kept asking me if anything special I am making. So finally I tried my hands on making bundi laddus. 

I made it with regular jalidaar spatula. No fuss about thin holed ones n all. It took only one cup desi ghee(clarified butter) to make 8 good size laddus. Enough for my family. But yes finally I am not missing India very badly to have these laddus.

I was surprised that actually how easy is to make these bundi ke laddus. It took only 20-30  minutes to make them.

Some tricks are there in this recipe. So please follow it word to word so that you can make awesome desi ghee ke bundi laddu yourself. 

One thing is for sure, I am not going to buy these laddus again from market shops anymore. The divine taste of own handmade ones are amazing…..mmmmmmmm……

Ingredients – (8 medium big size laddus)

1 Cup besan (Rajdhani grade 1 besan) I used.

4 Tbsp besan in one small bowl

4 Tbsp besan in one small bowl

1/2 Cup cold milk

1 Cup drinking water (do not use tap water)

1 Tbsp Rose essence

1 Tbsp green cardamom powder

Food colors – Orange, red and green

1 Cup desi ghee (after frying the bundis you can use remaing in sauteying the veggies etc. I will use it for making cake) 

1 holed spatula (ched wali channi/kalchi)

Chasni Syrup – 3 Cups sugar and 1 cup water n milk mixed 50:50

Method – 

1- Mix water and milk.

2- Make three kind of semi thick batter in three bowls.

3- Small bowl batters will be having green color in one and other one red color. 

4- Big quanity batter with one cup besan will be mixed with orange color. 

5- Only 4-6 drops of the color in each batter.

6- Beat all the three batters very well and keep aside for 1/2 hour. 

7- Now heat a deep pan (bhagona) and mix sugar, milk,water and boil it till one thread consistency. 

8- Close the flame and mix well in green cardamom powder and rose essence. 

9- Heat the desi ghee in kadahai and start frying orange bundi with jalidar spatula and dip them in the syrup immediately. Keep wiping the spatula from down side wise after wach batch of bundi you will be having guchcha of bundi (lumps). 

10- Same with green and red bundis too. Fry and strain to dip in the syrup immediately. 

11- Mix all bundis into the syrup very well for 4-5 minutes. Close the lid

12- Now main part. 

13- If syrup is watery than let it remain like that for 1/2 hour and than make laddus. 

14- If syrup n bundis are very dry than add 1/4 cup milk and put on high flame. Mix well over there for 3-4 minutes than close the flame, close the lid than make laddus with desi ghee greased on palms. 

Meri tumhari, sabki kai Happy Diwali! 

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