Let us make Simit(Turkish bread).

We had been to Istanbul(Turkey) this July 2018. Still we are missing the high quality fruits and street food along-with super clean city.

Made this local popular bread in Turkey, Simit several times on kids demand. It is an eggless bread, quite easy to make and very fluffy. Ingredients are also easily available in our own Indian kitchens.

So here is the recipe with few tricks –

Ingredients (For making 8-9 medium small Simits)

1- 3 Cups of all purpose flour

2- 1/4 Cup of semolina

3- 1 Tbsp dry yeast

4- 1 Tsp salt

5- 1/4 Cup vegetable oil.

6- 1 Tbsp desi ghee or butter

7- 2-4 Tbsp grated gur/jaggery or brown sugar

8- 1 Cup water for kneading the dough

9- 1/2 cup water for garnishing

10- 1/4 Cup sesame seeds

Method –

1- Mix refined oil and 1 cup water very well.

2- In a big bowl mix 3 cups of maida(all purpose flour), dry yeast, salt. Whisk it.

3- Pour in water n oil mix. Knead the dough for 5-8 minutes.

4- Keep aside covered for 2-3 hours.

5- Uncover and sprinkle little all purpose flour to knead again for a while.

6- Now divide the dough in 8 equal parts.

7- Make a long strong of dough ball. Double it, make a circle of it and close both ends to make a perfect circle. Make all and keep in a baking tray layered with wax paper.

8- Now boil 1/2 cup water and mix in jaggery. Take the sesame seeds in a plate too.

9- Start dipping each dough circle in the water from both sides and dab on the sesame seeds. Keep back in the baking tray. Make sure to keep all the simits little far away from each other.

10- Do not cover and let them be like that for 40-50 minutes to get proofed again.

11- Bake on middle tray for 25-35 minutes.

12- If they are golden brown. Take them out.

13- Tastes great with unsalted butter.

**The original recipe calls for molasses but I used gur/jaggery. It turned out great.

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