Make your own pinot noir (red wine) ! 

Situatory warning – I made this for cake fruits mixing purposes only. Never ever made this in large quantity! Longer u keep it, stronger the taste will be and lighter the color will be. The above mentioned color of wine is after 7 months storage of grapes juice.


1 Kg black long sweetest grapes

250 Gms big red round grapes

1 Tsp coffee 


1- Wash all grapes together and let the stems temain there very much.

2- Put into blender and grind very well to the paste.

3- Strain the juice in big strainer with hand squeezing or without  squeezing. 

4- Mix in coffee powder and strain again.

5- Pour juice into glass bottle and tighten the capvery  well.

6- Let the bottle remain on kitchen counter for 2 days.

7- Now put this bottle in the corner of your clothes almirah for atleast a month.

8- Take out, remove that thick fungus layer with wooden stick and shake it lightest way and put back.

9- Check it by opening after a 7 months. 

10- This is best time to mix in dry fruits for plum cakes with this kind of wine. 

Warning – If you live in any gulf countries pls do not make it as it may create legal problems for you. 🙏🏼

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