Mango cheesecake without cheese.

Images are mine. Not so good but trust me, it tastes amazingly awesome.

Made mango cheese cake without cheese. And it turned out to be same to same like one high end restaurant’s Strawberry cheesecake. Thanks to that Chef friend who gave the tips(hidden secret). Recipe coming soon on my blog #mangocheesecakebyprachi #mangocheesecakeatlrachiabledotcom #mangocheesecakerecipe

Thanks to my FaceBook Chef friend who works in a classic five star hotel, spilled the beans and told me this hidden secret recipe. It took only 10-12 minutes to fix this recipe.

There are many twists and turns to take this mango cheesecake recipe to another level.

Just remember that very soon many food bloggers and chefs are going to copy this easy peasy recipe and will claim that they invented it.

How to identify that they copy my recipe? Check today’s date 27TH JUNE,2019. Now next any recipe resembling mine is a theft. Clear theft.Haaaa Haaaa Haaaa Haaa

Half bowl already gone.What a yummmm treat. I made it with langda mango. Somehow I got it in Doha.

So here is the recipe ~


1- 1 Pack of Hide n Seeks vanilla cream biscuits

2- 1 Big langda mango’s sieved pulp

3- 1 Tin Puck cream

4- 1 Sachet of gelatin

5- 1 Cup hung curd

6- 1/2 cup water

7- 1 cup powdered sugar

8- 1/4 cup salted Kerrigold butter (any brand)


1- Make a semi fine powder of cream biscuits in a food chopper or processor, mix in butter and again mix very well.

2- Now in a bowl, spread this powdered biscuits and press very hard with fingers and spoon.

3- In the food processor jar, mix in hung curd, half cup of powdered sugar, cream, half cup of mango pulp very well. Let it remain like that.

4- Now boil half cup of water and mix in gelatin sachet very well. Mix it until it dissolves fully.

5- Let it cool for few minutes and mix half it in cream pulp and half in mango pulp.

6- Spread the cream mix over the biscuits layer.

7- Keep it in fridge for 10 minutes.

8- Take out the bowl and carefully mix half cup of powdered sugar in the mango pulp and immediately spread it over the cream mix. Brush it or spoon it very lightly over the cream mix.

9- Either keep the bowl in the down section of the fridge for 6-8 hours or keep it in the freezer for 1-2 hours.

10- Before serving keep this cheese cake out side for 30-50 minutes so that you can slice it smoothly otherwise that biscuit layer won’t come out easily.

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