Mathura waley Bengali pedey(recipe).

Mathura waley Bengali pedey.

Ingredients –

For tawar(bura making) It is important because bura contains air bubbles which helps in making sweet more bindable and stay dry.

1 Cup sugar

4 Tbsps water

1 Tsp desi ghee

1 Tbsp green cardamom powder

Method – In a non stick pan dilute sugar n water. Keep stirring for 6-8 minutes on high.

Let it thicken and add desi ghee. It will be foamy means air bubbles are forming in the sugar syrup.It will start drying from the sides. Close the flame and keep stirring for 3-4 minutes. Leave it.

After 1/2 hour it will be a big white lump. Scrap it, break in small pcs, add green cardamom powder and grind it in a mixi pot.

2 Cups of mawa(khoa) I took Amul khoa.

1/4 Cup of fresh cottage cheese(paneer)

(From 4 cups of full fat milk you can get 1/4 cup solid paneer(cheese).

Method – In a non stick pan start frying mawa(khoa) and paneer together on very low flame.

This mix will become liquid, keep mixing, now it will paste and light brown n thick. Let it be like semi thick dough n mild brown.

Close the flame and take this fried mawa paneer mix into a big plate and cool it.

After cooking it well, crumble with fingers and mix in powdered tawar/bura. (Keep aside around 4-8 tbsps of powdered tawar/bura for coating).Keep mixing, now you will be having a powder granules kind of mixture. Add 4-6 tbsp chilled milk and start making pedas. After making all pedas, coat them with tawar/bura and immediately transfer to fridge.

*Never try this recipe with powdered sugar.

**Never try this recipe with readymade paneer.

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