Memories of parents bathroom.


I took a long bath in my parents house this morning. I am here since 4th of July but today after a relaxed nap I stepped in and finally felt like being a small kid again.

This tiny bathroom is located in a multiple story building on the ground floor.But it is well equipped with a gas geyser, ceiling fan and exhaust fan.

I have spent entire my childhood in this bathroom and so many stories I can tell. I saw it getting developed again n again with sink, tiles or fan or exhaust fan’s repairing.

My first beauty experiments happened here and I tried several new shampoos here too.Bleaching first time or waxing first time. Watching my face in the mirror after having first break up or watching my face after my first facial too.

This bathroom connects me to the days when I was not able to the mirror  because my Mom install it according to her own I use to climb on a small stool to look my face in the mirror.

Today morning I saw my 9 years old daughter doing the same thing too.How few things in the parents house never changed.

My parents are not ready to move to a metro city or close to the airport locations in Delhi NCR.This is how they are trying to protect the memories we had with this house.

I am feeling blessed that we have precious walls around with our memories in.

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