Month end cutlets! 

Yup, these are month end cutlets as my kids call them. They wait for my kitchen ingredients to finish by the month end so that I can make these one one for all.

So today was the day for me to collect all leftover things in drawers and fridge to chop n grate to mix a dough for these month end cutlets.

Ingredients – (Makes big 4-6 cutlets)

1/2 Cup Flattened rice (chivda)

1/2 Cup sago (sabudana)

(wash n soak in 1/4 cup water for 1-2 hours)

1/2 Cup peeled white peanuts (finely powdered)

(Sprinkle n mix with chivda n sabudana)

2 Slices bread (crumbs/powdered) 

2 Cups of green saag (I had sarson n methi ka saag from my kitchen garden)

1 Cup boiled n peeled n grated potato

1 Medium carrot finely grated 

2 Medium green chillies finely chopped

1/4 Cup curry leaves(curry patta) finely chopped 

1 Tbsp dry ginger powder

1 Tbsp red chilli flakes

Salt according to taste

(pls keep it low)

4 Tbsp Corn flour

1/4 Cup grated fresh ginger and fresh garlic

1 Tbsp dry coriander powder

4-6 2 cm softened cheddar cheese cubes

Fresh refind oil for deep frying


1- Mix all the ingredients very well.

2- Heat up oil in deep pan or kadahi for medium level heat.

3- These cutlets need to be fried for long time on lowest possible heat.

4- Now make a ball with oil greased finger and flattened on oil greased palm.

5- Keep one flattened cheese cube and close the cutlets and lightly flatten it and fry in pan.

6- Make these cutlets one by one only.

7- Serve with green chutney and sonth. 

Tastes amazing n very yum yum yum. 


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