Morning walks are magical! 

Subah ka tehalna ~ Morning walks make you rich!

My Indian Doctors – Avoid this, do that or try this diet.

My Iraqi gynae – Go for 20-22 minutes morning walk and khalas. It will take care of your health itself. But yes NO oil at all. Only home made little butter oil (desi ghee)..

Morning walks means wake up half an hour prior to your set routine, step out of your house, keep walking for 10 minutes and check that point. 10 Minutes going and 10 minutes coming back. More than that means you are killing your bine joints silently. And may be you will end up in joints replacement surgeries one day. 

Morning walks teaches us few things i.e.

*Nobody cares about your clothes or shoes actually.  

*It is a most simple art of breathing itself. 

*You are born to live a life not a race.

*Everybody is not rich or running after it too.

*You are quite creative sometimes because early morning walks make you happy, stress free and well planned for the day ahead!

🌸Happy life🌸

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