My eldest Mamaji – Mr. Ashok Gupta

He is my eldest Mamaji – Ashok Kumar Gupta Ashok. If I am into story writing, blogging and frequent social interactions, all credit goes to him. He got retired from Hindu College as an English subject professor. Big happy heart and very soft spoken. He is the one who made me brave and outspoken. Although my all Mamajis used to call me Queen Victoria! But during Buckingham Palace’s personal visit only I came to know that I am same height like Queen Victoria and her gown looked like mine as well.😁
I had a great childhood because of my all Mamajis. They all loved kids a lot. But my Ashok Mamaji used to visit us, alongwith having evening tea and snacks,he used to read what I was writing. Appreciating and encouraging me by giving dairies. I had 3-4 exclusive dairies from him and few pens as well.
Mangoes we used to had in ample quantity because of my Dinesh Agarwal Mamaji. But watermelons part was of Ashok Mamaji. Red or yellow ones but always ultra sweet they used to be.
He had that offwhite lambretta scooter and we 5 kids used to sit on that alongwith him. (Me and his daughter Soni used to stand in front of him and rest kids on the back side. 😁😜
His home was called Civil lines ki kothi or Civil Lines only. We are going kothi or civil lines. Our Mami ji was a school teacher and we used to take turn to fill his ultra big water cooler. After having water melon wth black salt, sleeping like dragons or dinosaurs on his double bed in chilled air of cooler was kind of memory itself.🥶
Our kids will never have that kind of fruitful childhood for sure. We had no idea, how blessed we were actually. God bless you Mamaji.

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