Norway – Kavita lives there somewhere.

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She was almost of my height. But fairest amongst all. She was a bright student but her father was looking for a job. Each morning she used to come early to my home so that we can go school together for our board exams. We both were from different schools, giving our first board examinations for 10th grade in a small city of Moradabad(UP) India.

I realized several years later that she was always prior to time and my mother was about to serve breakfast to us. After few hesitant gestures she used to eat it quietly.

Her father was in financial troubles but she never uttered a single word. She had only few frocks but her hardworking mother used to wash them daily and iron them too.

Kavita got married to a hotel manager working in Norway when she was only 17 years. She left for Norway after a year or so.

I wish to go Norway one day so that I can meet her again. I live in Qatar and keep traveling a lot. I remember her as my first best friend and our last conversation is still quite tearful for me. She shook hands with me as a new bride. I told her that it is not right age for marriage. She told me that she opted for this marriage so that she can have a better life ahead. I told her to help her family if her husband gives her some money.

We both were young but sincere and pretty mature girls talking to each other. It was a narrow street where her in laws used to live and I went to meet her for the last time. She was wearing heavy jewels and pretty heavy clothes. Stunning looks. I was trying to imagine Nd compare a beautiful white pigeon into a gold cage. We bid farewell to each other. My heart choked and tears started rolling out, looked back and she was waiving too crying.

Where are you Kavita? I miss you.

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