One chapati for anti wrinkles cure! 

You can see several posts over internet now a days to drink 8-12 glasses of water for anti wrinkled face skin or several kind of smoothies too. 

I have tried all including diamond cream of leading cosmetic brands to day n night creams of Swiss brand. But I got cure finally and it was my very old aged Bangladeshi house help who guided me for this.

I had face pack on my face and he was cleaning house silently but staring at me secretly. He asked me simply “applying works more or eating works more on the skin”? I was wondering about his question and he replied himself “eating pure ghee helps in fighting wrinkles” because it gives your skin inner nutritional values along with grease your skin needs for maintaining elasticity and glow. 

But before following the recipe please be aware of one thing for sure. If you take 2 chapatis(fulka) start taking one only. 

I am taking this chapati since 2 months and I can see remarkable glow in my skin. My skin is more tight and no lines at all.Combination of desi ghee and home made almonds powder really working for me it seems.

Recipe – (For 4 medium big chapatis)

2 Cups of whole wheat flour

1/4 Cup desi ghee

1/4 Cup almond powder(home made with shells removed n brown skin on) 

Warm water for kneading the dough

Warm water for soaking the dough.

Method – 

1- Knead the dough very tightly or semi tightly.

2- Soak the dough in big bowl full of warm water for at least 1-2 hours.

3- Take out and start kneading with hands for few minutes in a dry n greased plate.

4- When it is pliable make chapatis of it.

After few days you will see glow on your face. A well nourished and well cared skin comes from good diet. Not from loads of water. 

In the last but important please please do not eat lot many chapatis of this dough, you will end up as baloon. Keep exercising and going for morning walks too to reduce the calories earned by this ghee ka dough chapati. It will give you inner boost for outer glow but fat part you need to take care too.


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