Pet names are so important! 

My mother is not doing well healthwise now a days. So I keep calling my parents on regular basis. Sometimes when I wish to talk to my mother my father passes phone to her by telling her “Bittoo ka phone hai” (Bittoo called) Bittoo is my childhood pet name.

Yesterday I decided to tell my father my feelings clearly.I feel so good when he calls me  Bittoo! 

Papa! I like it really when you call me Bittoo. Prachi is the name I never liked actually. I wanted a shorter or a very longer name like Meenakshi or Nivedita.

My father laughed “even I like calling you Bittoo more rather than Prachi”.He laughed from the other side of the phone and my heart sinked for a moment.

He is always there for me. Whenever I needed him most. He was there at home with my kids when my husband was in ICU dying of swine flue. He is always around there for me. 

My daughter Chulbuli was born and he came with a gold chain for her in the hospital which he never did for other 4 boys in the family and my mother grrred at him in low tone but he was soooo happy to see a baby girl in the family. His first statement after seeing my baby was “Hamari Bittoo ki Bitto huyi hai”. Our Bittoo gave birth to Bittoo.

Parents are so important. That is why their pronunciation of our names also so important too. We shall always have one name that cute n pretty name which our parents called us since childhood. It contains so many feelings and happiness of our loved ones. Isn’t it? 

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