Quick sweets~malai peda

It was a mere coincidence that I started making these malai peda since few years in a very quick jiffy whenever I missed Indian sweets.

It is one of the easiest sweets I make at home.All you need is condensed milk n paneer as main ingredients.


1- 2 Cups frozen n thawed paneer

2- 1 Cup condensed milk

3- 1 Tbsp vanilla essence or rose essence or kevda

4- Green cardamom powder

5- 1 Tbsp desi ghee (not more than that)

6- 1 Cup milk

7- 1 Tsp saffron


1- Grind all in fine paste.

2- Take a glass or microwave plastic bowl.

3- Pour this mixture and start heating it on high in microwave for 2 minutes with mixing it well intervals.

4- When you get dough type consistency, take out and start mixing n kneading with silicon or greased steel spatula.

5- Let it be lukewarm and make pedas. Decorate with nuts or color bindis.

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