Why we are not talking/making Cashew powder bark(Chikki)?

Lols. Loved these lines a lot. So thought of using these as my recipe’s title.

This is a totally new kind of caramel popcorn making time idea. We tried and found that it is actually a no fail recipe. Very quick(trust me) as well.

Ingredients –

1- 3 Cups of powdered cashews

(You need to warm cashews for a minute on high in the microwave before grinding)

2- 1/4 Cup cashews broken pcs for garnishing.

3- 3 Cups sugar mixed with 1/2 cup of butter

4- 1/2 Tsp Soda by carb (a must- to make batk/chikki soft crunchy)

5- 1 Tap vanilla essence

6- 1 Tbsp finest powder of green cardamom(optional)

7- One big metal tray greased well for spreading the bark.

Method –

1- Take a heavy bottom pan and warm butter and sugar in it on low flame.

2- The moment it melts well and turns light brownish, mix in soda by carb with vanilla essence, mix (whisk) well. In high speed but carefully.

3- Now close the flame and immediately put in cashew powder and cardamom powder. Keep mixing very well.

4- Pour in greased metal tray and spread it as widely as you can.

5- Let it cool for 50-60 minutes and after that loft from one corner with knife slightly and start breaking into the pcs. Yummmm!!!