Bunch of hungry stray cats!

In the early light, as morning breaks,
Three shadows emerge, with gentle grace.
Hungry stray cats, their eyes beseech,
Seeking solace, yearning for a feast.
At my doorsteps, they patiently wait,
Their presence known, their hunger innate.
With mews so soft, they express their plea,
Three souls in need, hoping for mercy.
I step outside, their hopeful eyes gleam,
As if they know, it’s time to redeem
Their hunger’s grip, their emptiness quelled,
With nourishment found, their spirits upheld.
I pour the food, a simple act of care,
And watch them gather, a grateful stare.
Their tails flicker, their purrs fill the air,
A symphony of thanks, a bond we share.
With every bite, their gratitude grows,
As if they whisper, “You heal our woes.”
In their humble eyes, I see their trust,
A connection formed, both kind and just.
For my heart finds joy in their content,
Their presence a reminder, heaven-sent.
In this moment, our worlds align,
A bond of compassion, truly divine.
Three hungry strays, now friends so dear,
Their loyalty everlasting, crystal clear.
Morning after morning, they return to me,
A testament to love’s ability.
For in their presence, I find delight,
In their gratitude, a radiant light.
And as we part ways, a bond remains,
Three hungry strays, forever ingrained.