Bunch of hungry stray cats!

In the early light, as morning breaks,
Three shadows emerge, with gentle grace.
Hungry stray cats, their eyes beseech,
Seeking solace, yearning for a feast.
At my doorsteps, they patiently wait,
Their presence known, their hunger innate.
With mews so soft, they express their plea,
Three souls in need, hoping for mercy.
I step outside, their hopeful eyes gleam,
As if they know, it’s time to redeem
Their hunger’s grip, their emptiness quelled,
With nourishment found, their spirits upheld.
I pour the food, a simple act of care,
And watch them gather, a grateful stare.
Their tails flicker, their purrs fill the air,
A symphony of thanks, a bond we share.
With every bite, their gratitude grows,
As if they whisper, “You heal our woes.”
In their humble eyes, I see their trust,
A connection formed, both kind and just.
For my heart finds joy in their content,
Their presence a reminder, heaven-sent.
In this moment, our worlds align,
A bond of compassion, truly divine.
Three hungry strays, now friends so dear,
Their loyalty everlasting, crystal clear.
Morning after morning, they return to me,
A testament to love’s ability.
For in their presence, I find delight,
In their gratitude, a radiant light.
And as we part ways, a bond remains,
Three hungry strays, forever ingrained.

Here you both are back to sleep again!

In a cozy little corner, where the sunbeams gently play,
Lived two cats so lazy, who snored the whole day away.
From sunrise to sunset, they’d slumber and they’d snore,
Their bellies full of treats, oh, what a life they bore!
One was named Sir Snugglepaws, with fur as black as night,
The other, Lady Whiskers, with eyes so shining bright.
They’d curl up on the sofa, their snores in perfect tune,
Dreaming of grand adventures while they slept away till noon.
Oh, Sir Snugglepaws, he loved to eat, his appetite immense,
He’d gobble up his breakfast, then demand a second chance.
From fish to fowl to cheesy bites, he devoured with delight,
His belly round and jiggly, a truly comical sight!
Lady Whiskers, on the other hand, had more refined tastes,
She dined on fancy feasts and caviar without a moment to waste.
She’d lick her paws so daintily, her manners so genteel,
A queen of culinary art, with a sophisticated zeal.
Together, they would nap, their contentment on display,
Dreaming of catching mice and chasing squirrels all day.
But as soon as they awoke, their hunger would arise,
And off they’d go to feast again, with voracious appetites.
They’d scamper to the kitchen, their tails held high with glee,
In search of tasty morsels, as happy as could be.
From tuna treats to catnip snacks, they’d eat without restraint,
Their love for food, a never-ending, insatiable enchant.
So, if you ever see them, those cats so full of bliss,
Remember their grand passion for a life of pure abyss.
For all they do is sleep and eat, but in their own sweet way,
They’ve mastered the art of relaxation, each and every day!

The bangles you gave me Mom!

In a gleam of pure enchantment, it shines,
A symbol of love, a treasure divine,
A golden bangle, bestowed with grace,
A cherished gift that time cannot erase.
On my wedding day, with a mother’s pride,
She gently placed it on my wrist, tied,
A legacy passed from her loving hand,
A bond between us, forever grand.
Each glimmering curve whispers a tale,
Of strength, of tradition that shall not fail,
An heirloom of memories, old and new,
That binds our hearts, forever true.
A delicate embrace, twinkling in the light,
This golden bangle, so precious, so bright,
It carries the weight of a mother’s love,
Guiding my steps, as I soar and rise above.
With every gentle clink on my arm,
I feel her presence, a soothing calm,
A reminder of the love that she imparts,
Etched in gold, forever in our hearts.
Through joy and laughter, and tears that fall,
This golden bangle stands unyielding through all,
A symbol of heritage, it holds the key,
To a legacy of love, to cherish and decree.
So, I wear it proudly, on this journey of mine,
A cherished treasure, a precious sign,
Of a mother’s love, an unbreakable bond,
With this golden bangle, forever fond.

O’ My shelf of spices!

In the heart of the kitchen’s bustling domain,
Where flavors awaken and stories remain,
Lies a treasure trove, a fragrant delight,
A symphony of spices, igniting our appetite.
Cumin, the warrior of earthy allure,
Sprinkles its warmth, revealing a secret cure,
With every pinch, it dances on the tongue,
Adding depth and warmth to where it’s hung.
Turmeric, radiant with its golden hue,
A burst of sunshine in each dish it imbues,
Its healing powers, a magical caress,
Brightening flavors, a true culinary finesse.
Ginger, the wondrous root, fiery and bold,
Zests up the taste buds, as stories unfold,
A spicy companion, both vibrant and sweet,
Infusing dishes with a zing that’s hard to beat.
Cardamom, the queen of fragrance untold,
Unleashing its perfume, delicate and bold,
A sprinkle of pods, a moment of bliss,
Enveloping senses, with a lingering kiss.
Cloves, like tiny blossoms, deep and rich,
Unfurling their essence, a potent witch,
With their heady aroma, they conquer the air,
Adding warmth and allure, a dance beyond compare.
Cinnamon, the spice of comfort and ease,
Wraps dishes in its cozy, aromatic breeze,
A touch of nostalgia, a soulful embrace,
Transforming ordinary into a sweet, spicy grace.
Coriander, humble, yet full of delight,
Unleashing its citrusy zest, ever so bright,
A sprinkle of seeds, a taste that astounds,
Bringing harmony to flavors, like a magical sound.
Oh, spices, you enchanting friends so grand,
In the kitchen, you weave a delicious command,
With every dash, a story comes alive,
Awakening our senses, making us thrive.
So, celebrate these spices, divine and rare,
For in the kitchen, they whisper tales to share,
Let them dance in harmony, day and night,
Igniting our palates, with flavors that ignite.

Enjoy these days!

In a world of youthful wonder, where dreams take flight,
Two siblings sat together, bathed in golden sunlight.
A brother and sister, side by side they played,
In their first red toy car, their joy never swayed.
With laughter as their fuel, they embarked on their way,
Their little hearts racing, eager for the day.
Imagination their compass, the world their grand stage,
They weaved tales of adventure, page by cherished page.
The brother, a captain brave, gripping the wheel so tight,
His sister, a co-pilot, her smile shining bright.
Through fields of make-believe, they raced without a care,
Exploring boundless landscapes, a bond beyond compare.
Their little red car, a vessel of dreams,
Carried them to distant lands, or so it seems.
They sailed through rolling hills and mountains tall,
Chasing rainbows and stars, they never feared to fall.
Together, they conquered the roaring ocean’s spray,
With the wind in their hair, they’d find their own way.
Through imaginary cities, bustling and alive,
They painted a world where their spirits could thrive.
The brother, a knight, fought dragons fierce and tall,
His sister, a princess, standing proud, never to fall.
In their crimson chariot, they soared through the sky,
Bringing magic to their world, as clouds danced by.
As twilight embraced the horizon, they knew time would fly,
But memories in their hearts would forever amplify.
For within that red toy car, their innocence bloomed,
A bond between siblings, forever entwined and groomed.
Though years may pass, and the red toy car grown old,
The echoes of their laughter, a treasure to behold.
For in the realm of childhood, where dreams are set free,
Two siblings sat and played, forever cherishing glee.
So, let their story be a reminder, dear and true,
Of the love between siblings, that forever will renew.
In that first red toy car, their spirits will remain,
A testament to the magic of youth, time cannot restrain.

His first rainbow!

In the realm of innocence, a child’s eyes alight,
A tender soul, embracing nature’s delightful sight,
With wonder untamed, a world yet unknown,
A three-year-old child, on a rainbow’s throne.
Beside him, a mother, her love gently embraced,
Guiding his heart through life’s kaleidoscope, interlaced,
They stood hand in hand, under the heavens’ gentle sway,
A symphony of colors, painting their dreams in a display.
Bright hues adorned the sky, a celestial art,
A vibrant arc bridging Earth and heaven’s heart,
Whispers of raindrops danced upon the air,
As the child and his mother stood awestruck, a perfect pair.
His eyes widened, his laughter filled the space,
The first rainbow he beheld, a magical embrace,
Tiny fingers pointed, joy radiating from his face,
As mother and child marveled in this moment’s grace.
Together they pondered, the mysteries of light,
How the sun’s golden rays birthed a rainbow so bright,
Mother whispered softly, revealing nature’s secret art,
Of prismatic wonders painted by sunshine’s gentle dart.
With each hue, a promise, a tale of hope untold,
A tapestry of dreams, woven in colors bold,
Red, the flame of courage, burning deep within,
Orange, a zest for life, where adventure may begin.
Yellow, a sunbeam’s warmth, a heart filled with glee,
Green, nature’s embrace, a harmony set free,
Blue, the vast expanse, where dreams take flight,
Indigo, a soul’s yearning, for stars in the night.
Violet, the sweet song of dreams, whispered in the breeze,
A lullaby of possibilities, drifting through the trees,
The child’s eyes sparkled, a galaxy unveiled,
As the rainbow’s radiant beauty forever prevailed.
In that sacred moment, a bond forever grew,
A mother’s love, a child’s heart, forever true,
For as they watched the rainbow, hand in hand,
They glimpsed the magic of life, a love that would withstand.
And so, the child’s first rainbow became a cherished treasure,
A memory etched within, an eternal measure,
A testament to the beauty that surrounds us each day,
As mother and child, together, find their way.
For in the eyes of a child, the world is born anew,
A symphony of colors, a dream to pursue,
And with a mother’s love, they’ll forever stand,
Witnessing rainbows, hand in hand.