Teekha palak paneer with hara naan. 

 My first answer is always No if you try to feed me palak paneer at your house. I have a reason for that. I am ardent fan of palak paneer if it is made by me. 

I have my own 1000 plus disappointing stories of having this wonderful dish at most hyped restaurants and house wives’s dinning table as blanched servings without single hint of flavors.
If you try my recipe for palak paneer you will be blessed with an amazing tasteful dish to forget all other paneer dishes for a while.
Same with hara (green) naan. I make it with loads of sarson ka saag(which I grow myself),broccoli and garlic. It is healthy too. 
Check my recipe two three times before making it.
Palak Paneer
Ingredients – 
6 cups boiled palak (approximately one medium gaddi of palak)
4 Cups paneer (fresh Indian unsalted cottage cheese)

2 Big red onions peeled and sliced 

1 Big tomato sliced 

1/2 Cup grated fresh garlic

1/4 Cup grated fresh ginger

1/2 Cup finely chopped green chillies

Salt according to taste

1 Tbsp Cinnamon powder 

1 Tsp Turmeric powder 

1 Tsp heeng (Asodoetida)

1 Tap sugar

2 Tbsp Whole spices powder(garam masala) 

1/2 Cup Desi ghee (Butter oil) (Yes half cup u read it right)

Method – 
1- In a non stick pan heat desi ghee.

2- Put all sliced onion into it and start frying at lowest flame.

3- When onions start deep browning add green chillies. Mix well and fry.

4- After 2 minutes add tomatoes and fry till all

mixed and cooked well.

5- Close the flame. 

6- Now put all this into mixi pot.

7- Tilt mixi pot into non stock pan and take out all desi ghee(butter oil) into pan.

8- Mix boiled palak into this fried onion toamto green chillies into mixi pot and grind it all into finest paste.

9- Heat the pan with desi ghee from mixi pot and add heeng, 1 Tbsp cinnamon, grated garlic,ginger and turmeric powder into it. Mix well. Fry for 1-2 minutes. 

10- Now add palak paste into it and give it a good stir. Add sugar, garam masala and salt to it. Mix again very well. 

11- Put paneer pcs to it and mix well.

12- Cook for at least 8-10 minutes and close the flame.

13- Serve with desi ghee, lal mirch and garam masala tadka. 

Hara naan (green)
Ingredients – 
4 Cups Atta(whole wheat flour)
2 Cups Maida (All purpose flour)

2 Cups Suji (semolina any kind)

2 Cups thick curd

1/2 Cup desi ghee

1 Tbsp baking powder

1 Tbsp salt

1 Tbsp sugar

2 Tbsp ajwain(carom seeds)

1 small gaddi or 8-10 cups chopped mustard leaves (sarson ka saag)

1 medium brocolli very well boiled and grinded

Method – 
1- In a food processor put brocolli paste, sarson ka saag and grated garlic.

2- Give it a good blend and now start adding atta, semolina and maida.

3- Add in sugar, ajwain, baking powder, salt, garlic and desi ghee. 

4- Finally add thick curd and let it get kneaded.

5- If you see it very tight add little warm water to get soft dough.

6- Take it out and put into greased bowl for one hour.

7- After that give it to a kid to knead by greased palms for 10 minutes or do it yourself. 

8- Make naans. 

Happy cooking! 




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