Thoughts for my 11 years old daughter!

I really wish you to know that world is more than geographical images and boundaries. Same with people and feelings. We go through several worlds in one life.

World of family –

You were born in a close knitted world called family. We were here to welcome you with all our love and affection. Your Nana travelled all the way from Moradabad to Aligarh with a gold chain and silver bowl-spoon for you as you were the first daughter in the family. He never did that for any boys born before you. Nani scolded him too for being so lavish. But he laughed it off. He feels so happy when he talks about you. You were celebrated as girl by all. And hopefully you will keep enjoying that status forever.

Your first outer world Play school and school –

Being chubby and happy smiling kids your nannies loved you so much. They used to welcome you with lot many smooches and bubbles of emotions. And I always found myself shocked that you never looked back to me at the door of your play school or school. You always enjoyed you play schools, elementary school and school bus rides. I will always remain thankful to you for not creating crying and cursing dramas like other kids. You are so independent.

Tasteful world of kitchen –

Whatever in your hand you enjoyed chomping it. You are such a foodie. I started taking interest in watching you gulping and drinking with such great taste. Hardly I forced you to eat anything. And I do remember that since 1 year of age you stopped taking any much help in eating or drinking. You took care of yourself in great manner without throwing eatables around.

Believing in me – your own world

I need to remind several things to Kutkut at times. But you make me lazy about you as you follow all things in one go.

But trust me. Let me tell you one thing. Life is not about spending money in buying loads of clothes. You can manage few good clothes to look good and same with watches and makeup. You can save money to travel and see this beautiful world at your own.

One day when you will be an adult, I wish you yo speak less, observe more and on any sensitive issue please react appropriately after some time only.

It really matters if you are good in making food, keep your workplace and home clean and know many things related to home management. These all makes you independent enough to take control of your life.

You are a good swimmer and one day I want you to learn driving too. It is a very essential thing. Trust me. Girls with driving skills can manage themselves in better way.

I want you to be miser not like me. I regret a lot for not being one now as in my early childhood I was a big one and had lot of money.

Being helpful and social also matters a lot.People take advantage of you but sometimes God knows that you have golden heart so he takes care of all good deeds we did so far for others. So always try to be helpful to others.

Same at workplace. If you ever go for job just be silent, happy heart and self centered. Never waste time with gossip mongers and say a thing against your bosses. They always know “who said what”.

Relationships come with a time. So be careful about your life partner. Lot many times things look lucrative but not very beneficial later. On the other hand people take small honest steps and become something good later in their career. So a well settled person always looks for somebody outstanding with great background. But a humble person with honest heart cares for a good heart person. Always keep that in mind.

All the best.

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