Tips for alone female travelers.

Recently one of my friend’s sister contacted me to borrow few things for her first lonely trip to Singapore. I was surprised when I talked to her. She had no idea of several important things at all.

Traveling abroad is not a big deal if you can afford it personally. But traveling safe is very important indeed.

So here are few tips for you in advance. Wish you happy journey.

1- Travel agents or personal bookings – If you are from a small city or even a metropolitan city and trying travel alone please opt for a group tour. Several reputed travel websites offer all female groups too. But if you are on budget first try with a small and safe destination like Dubai or Singapore. Book your flight tickets, check for visa papers and book hotel directly. Better opt for 4 star or 5 star hotel for better environment and amenities. That way regular pub crowd you can avoid. Just in case of bad weather you can stay in hotel too.

2- Less baggage – Start with small (1 week) trip in first go to a nice place. Keep few clothes and lightest weight ones. Keep flat shoes and slippers. Avoid carrying too many accessories or watches or jewellery. One big waist pouch is a must to carry your valuable with you.

3- Photocopies – Whatever currency, visa and passport you carrying, always keep a set of their photocopies with you.

4- Insurance – A good medical insurance from a good company is a must for emergency situations.

5- Clothing – Try to get those shirts and tops which can cover your neck and arms fully. Just if it is hot n humid season. Maximum uneasiness happens due to sunburns and tannings.

6- Straight face helps – Do not show you are extreme happy, maddening free and alone. Try to stand near crowds, families or groups instead of clicking pics alone. And having straight face helps a lot in fact. It shows you are not available for small talks. Avoid straight eye contacts too.

7- Skip basic manners for a while – Yes. Avoid saying loads of thank you here n there. Specially in hotels and lifts. Just put some headphones maximum times and show you are too busy to notice the help. Or just say some mumbled thanks with looking here n there.

8- Elderly company – If possible take some elderly person from family who were never able to see the world at their own expenses. It will give you good company and save you from loneliness as well.

9- Travel essentials – Never forget flat slippers, flat shoes, medicines and strong sun screen lotions along-with a light weight soft hat.

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