Winter care mix! 

Every winter starts with dry n blocked nose, running nose, sour throat, itching throat, wet and dry cough. May be it is all due to heavy pollution or careless habit but being mothers we have to face a lot. But since last few years I started making this dryfruit n spices mix and it actually helped 80-90% in avoiding these flu related problems in my family. 

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This recipe can be made with almonds or pistachios also. 


1 Cup cashews or peeled pistachios or almonds

1/2 Cup sugar

2 Tbsp cloves powder

2  Tbsp black cardamom powder (grind it with cover on)

2 Tbsp nutmeg powder

2 Tbsp cinnamon powder

2 Tbsp dry ginger powder

2 Tbsp mace (javitri) powder

1 Tbsp turmeric (haldi) powder 

1 Tbsp black salt(kala namak) powder


Mix all and grind well into finest powder poaaible. 

1- Running nose – Mix one tbsp into one cup hot boiling milk.Drink it. 

2- Cough- Mix one tbsp into one cup hot boiling water and drink it. 

As a prevention you can mix into daily drinking milk of kids too but keep the qty half tbsp per kid per cup of the milk. 

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