Every summers n every winters we the expats go back to our country.We try to buy best or big quantity
आरक्षण के दंगो से ग्रस्त देश के समाचार देख के यहाँ दूर देश में मन में बहुत दुविधा उत्त्पन होती
Example 1- Last year I had a student who was visiting my home for Hindi & English subject tuitions. He
Here is a quick list of things you are actually wasting your precious money by buying them a lot. If
Image courtesy - Smitha Paresh It was not an easy task for me to dig out this recipe for my
The World is Not Enough #SayYesToTheWorld The life may be beyond galaxies and stars not only limited to our Earth
Check this picture please. It is from Africa. A kid quenching his thirst through a dirty source of water. I
परेशान तो बहुत होंगे बीजेपी के आका इस वक़्त. जहाँ भाजपा के गढ़ में उनके सुस्त उमीदवार से दो सीटों
This platter includes ~ 2 Kaju tikkis with greens. 1 Bowl of alu kheer. 1 Glass of almond smoothie 1
This article I started writing few months ago but I decided to give it a break. I wished to publish
So it is your life full of wonderful personal moments but when it comes to the question of getting married
My daughter lost her new geometry box in the school the day her Maths exam was over.Later on I found
पीनट बटर जेम सेंडविच को देसी घी में सेंकने का दिल हो उठा, आज किसी बिछड़े ने फेसबुक पे मुझको
Great idea indeed from the government. Kudos to Indian government who is following a great path to resolve the labor
Basically this is a big rescue recipe who are not having any access to fresh khoya or paneer like in
Maseejukh ~ A tribal Turkish rice pudding. Typical rice kheer from India with cinnamon mixed caramel and few other twists
Since ages we always wondered the shining and well polished skin and hairs of Chinese people. Isn’t it? After so
This article comes from me an ardent shopoholic who felled prey for multiple marketing and sale techniques. Now I started
Life is not a bed of roses. Relationships are one true example of it. So when you start feeling empty
This article is about being experiencing the wonders of being parents to own or adopted babies. World is full of
Here are few suggestions and myth bursting facts about this most famous weekend bazar of Doha Qatar. Hope lot many
Yes! Finally something good in hand to loose my little flab on tummy, waist and bums. If you want quick
Winter means loads of almonds and other dry fruits based recipes for me. They keep my kiddos full of energy
Although mango is a summer fruit but somehow this sticky mango rice pudding tastes great in winters only. Please do
पिछले साल कई देशो को एक साथ देखने का मौका मिला तो इतने सारे अनुभव इकट्ठे हो गए की एक
एक मेहनती पुत्र, वफादार पति, गंभीर पिता और बेहद मंजा हुआ शानदार व्यक्तित्व का धनी अभिनेता चल बसा. मैंने करीब
जो पास रहते हैं वो हमेशा पास होते हैं. कल अपने दादाजी से कई दिनों बाद बात हुयी तो वो
सिर्फ वही लोग जिंदगी में सफल होते हैं जो किसी के आगे गिड़गड़ाते नहीं हैं की रुक जाओ, जो नकारात्मक
भारतीय टेलीकॉम कमीशन के सबसे पहले चेयर परसन थे सत्यनारायण गंगाधर पित्रोदा. लोग उनके सैम पित्रोदा नाम को ज्यादा जानते
Recently Qatar (a progressive gulf country situated on the corner of gulf peninsula) faced an unexpected blocked from several gulf