Stop smuggling yourself.
1- Earth is for all. There should be no boundaries for anybody. Thai rescue operation proved that all humans come Read more.
Grand mother’s wisdom.
गांव के धनी परिवार ने अपनी बिटिया के हाथ पीले करने की सोची.ये नुक्ता सोचा गया की किसी भी आस Read more.
What to avoid in new relationships list for females!
1- Stay in your financial shoes as well as emotional shoes.That too strictly. Let him spend.Leave your feminism mind back Read more.
Choco lemon chiffon muffins.
I love late night baking a lot but surprisingly it is my earliest in the morning baking which always comes Read more.
Cooking is best thing to learn.
  I love cooking since my childhood days.Recipes in my reachable ingredients attracts me a lot.I live in Qatar and Read more.
Sanju movie – Characters based movie.u
अगर आप पूरी सच्चाई जानना चाहते हैं की संजय दत्त की पूरी कहानी इस फिल्म में होगी तो आप बेहद Read more.
11 Healthy flight tips!
1- Tight your hairs in the best way possible. Airport high ACs actually sucks your hair’s natural oil and gives Read more.
10 Smart ways for school admissions.
1- Make a list of schools as a favorite one for your kid. Curriculum , activities, faculty, facilities and emergency Read more.
Marriage is a promise!
Marriage is a promise – 1- That you will always value each other’s privacy rights. 2- That you will save. Read more.
Race 3 the most bakwaas movie of the year
Race 3 review – 1 Good thing – Jacklin Fernandes’s faadu pole dance(you will come to know about kind of Read more.
Easy cheese n herbs pies.
We usually buy these from nearby Turkish bakery. They make them amazingly fresh and rich in taste. Now a days Read more.
Karachi wali nankhatayee!
This is one of the most easiest cookies recipe. Trust me. They taste so desi and yummy that you will Read more.
5 Cool and energy full drinks to start and complete your fasting.i
Photos courtesy – Mr.Google Somehow we all need a bucketful of energy to go through whole day of fasting isn’t Read more.
Matar Paneer ki shaami!
Vegetarian shaamis are great hit with my family. So whenever my fridge is full of frozen peas I make them Read more.
8 Genuine ways to help and get less issues from your house help.
Now a days lot many times we keep complaining that our house helps are continuously taking leaves or talking back Read more.
My selfie is my inner happiness!
#enjoymore #aselfieadaykeepsforgetfulnessaway This selfie was taken by me at the shores of peninsula in Doha Qatar. I wore my new Read more.
Five star hotels wala shahi tukda.(Ramadan special-2)
This is one of the best shahi tukda recipe, you can make at your own risk. May be your guests Read more.
Easy donuts balls with goodness of almonds and banana.(Ramadan special-1)
This is one of the most easy recipe for making as you can make them in advance and keep them Read more.
What about few mental rapists as FaceBook group admins?
Rapists need immediate death sentence.I agree. But what about those several well educated females/males who make useless group rules and Read more.
Crispy cocktail chicken sticks.
Thank you Madiha Khanum for the picture. This recipe was invented by me in Muscat longtime back and very rapidly Read more.
Moradabad wali super tasty aam ki launzi.
Few days back I saw famous vlogger Lata Jain Didi’s aam ki launzi recipe on youtube. This recipe is very Read more.
Ten great gifts to buy from Doha Qatar.
Every summers n every winters we the expats go back to our country.We try to buy best or big quantity Read more.
Indian Reservation v/s media.
आरक्षण के दंगो से ग्रस्त देश के समाचार देख के यहाँ दूर देश में मन में बहुत दुविधा उत्त्पन होती Read more.
5 Reputation points to guide your kids about.
Example 1- Last year I had a student who was visiting my home for Hindi & English subject tuitions. He Read more.
10 Tricks(unimaginable) to save money.
Here is a quick list of things you are actually wasting your precious money by buying them a lot. If Read more.
The most juicy Aligarh ki chicken biryani’s recipe.
Image courtesy – Smitha Paresh It was not an easy task for me to dig out this recipe for my Read more.
The world is not enough for me!
The World is Not Enough #SayYesToTheWorld The life may be beyond galaxies and stars not only limited to our Earth Read more.
One small glass near the water dispenser!
Check this picture please. It is from Africa. A kid quenching his thirst through a dirty source of water. I Read more.
Vapas taal thoktey dhurandhar!
परेशान तो बहुत होंगे बीजेपी के आका इस वक़्त. जहाँ भाजपा के गढ़ में उनके सुस्त उमीदवार से दो सीटों Read more.
Chaitra Navratri 2018 platter 1!
This platter includes ~ 2 Kaju tikkis with greens. 1 Bowl of alu kheer. 1 Glass of almond smoothie 1 Read more.