(The ancient art pcs in the entrance lobby) are quite unique. So it was a quick decision to visit this
(The ancient art pcs in the lobby) So it was a quick decision to visit this restaurant for the first
Yup, during our multiple countries trips we kept staying a lot at one particular business/luxury hotel chain only as due
Its an amazing and very simple trick to take out whole coconut as a white part only. All you you
अपनी छोटी ताईजी के घर देखी थीं सबसे पहले वो सोवियत नारी की ग्लॉसी चमकीली बड़ी बड़ी मैगज़ीन्स. अक्सर उनके
सबका खुशियों से राब्ता कम है, बहुत बड़ा घर है फिर भी यारों, मेरे घर में भी एक कमरा कम
When it comes to booking a hotel for vacation, families want comfort, cleanliness and amenities – and all at a
I must admit that it was a goof up by me actually. After mixing wet ingredients I found that maida(all
Getting married? So let me clear you one thing! Breath out the stress and prepare yourself for a better start
Art of gifting : (Not all can understand this art) This pure silk scarf is from my youngest Buaji. She
As a worried parent lot many wish their kids to study hard but they have little knowledge to guide their
करीब दस साल पहले वो पच्चीस छब्बीस साल की युवा लड़की, मेरी पड़ोसन की बिटिया, बंगलौर नौकरी करने गयी थी.
So on this Eid al Adha if you are looking for some thing vegetarian but feels like true Eid delicacy
Image courtesy - Mr.Google एक दिन शशिजी को सत्संग में जाना था. वो अपनी सहेली रीता जी के यहाँ उनको
My mother starts thinking about lunch when she is still in kitchen for making breakfast. And when she prepares lunch,
Recently one of my friend's sister contacted me to borrow few things for her first lonely trip to Singapore. I
1- The moment you start upgrading people start degrading yourself. It is totally not about you at all. It is
1- Earth is for all. There should be no boundaries for anybody. Thai rescue operation proved that all humans come
गांव के धनी परिवार ने अपनी बिटिया के हाथ पीले करने की सोची.ये नुक्ता सोचा गया की किसी भी आस
1- Stay in your financial shoes as well as emotional shoes.That too strictly. Let him spend.Leave your feminism mind back
I love late night baking a lot but surprisingly it is my earliest in the morning baking which always comes
  I love cooking since my childhood days.Recipes in my reachable ingredients attracts me a lot.I live in Qatar and
अगर आप पूरी सच्चाई जानना चाहते हैं की संजय दत्त की पूरी कहानी इस फिल्म में होगी तो आप बेहद
1- Tight your hairs in the best way possible. Airport high ACs actually sucks your hair’s natural oil and gives
1- Make a list of schools as a favorite one for your kid. Curriculum , activities, faculty, facilities and emergency
Marriage is a promise - 1- That you will always value each other’s privacy rights. 2- That you will save.
Race 3 review - 1 Good thing - Jacklin Fernandes’s faadu pole dance(you will come to know about kind of
We usually buy these from nearby Turkish bakery. They make them amazingly fresh and rich in taste. Now a days
This is one of the most easiest cookies recipe. Trust me. They taste so desi and yummy that you will
Photos courtesy - Mr.Google Somehow we all need a bucketful of energy to go through whole day of fasting isn't