12 Ways you irritate your colleagues on purpose!


Yes we all do that and know it well also. Let us check what all we are doing in a most abusive manner knowingly or may be unknowingly.

1- Not sharing good food with colleagues. They can smell and crave for it.

2- Flirting with married males/females on cheap purposes. Whole office knows what is going on and your all family reputation goes in mud in one go.

3- Discussing about their kids problems in front of childless colleagues.

4- Planning personal outings in high tones with few colleagues in front of other colleagues.

5- Parking vehicles in others designated parkings without taking their permissions.

6- Taking office stationary to home.(Nobody is blind, they know what you doing, ok?)Same with printing own stuff on office printer.

7- Asking a person, distributing something good, to give you extra for you family.

8- To ask lift/car pooling directly without considering their own schedule.

9- Calling colleagues on holidays to discuss office matters for long minutes.

10- Asking colleagues direct questions about their private/personal life in a decent manner and later on spreading it to widest level possible in hush hush mode.Now a days HR knows well and degrades such employees continuously.

11- Wearing dirty shoes and stinky/smelly clothes to office regularly.

12- Eating raw onions or garic based foods and not using mouth fresheners afterwards. 

Tricks n tips to be a winner in exams.

As a worried parent lot many of us wish our kids to study hard but lot many times we have little knowledge to guide their kids in a focused way as generation gap happens. But with little motivation and focused mind we can help a lot to our kids in achieving great results this is what I believe. So here are few tips given below .

Please ask your ward to read this so that they can focus and study well for the coming exams. One thing always helped since my childhood was to do drawings in mind of each thing. It really helps.

So here are lot many things you can get help with to be a winner in exams. 






















I must admit that it was a goof up by me actually. After mixing wet ingredients I found that maida(all purpose flour) is nowhere.

So it was suji(semolina) and wheat flour which extended their humble hand to me. ” Behen hum hai na”! They cheered me up!

So I gave it a try and found that cake was 80% gulped by my students in one go. Now I took the charge and saved last 2-3 slices for me and started writing this recipe.

Do try if you never ever baked a cake with semolina and whole wheat flour. It is an eye opening experience indeed.

Ingredients (makes a medium loaf) with method –

1 Cup semolina (suji) fine quality

1/2 Cup whole wheat flour

1 Tbsp Baking powder

1/2 Tsp Baking soda

(Mix all these together in a big bowl)

1/2 Cup full fat milk with 1/4 cup drinkable water (not tap water)

Warm it on high in microwave for 1 minute.

Mix this hot water n milk mix in the dry ingredients very well and keep aside covered.

Turn the oven on 250 degrees.

Wet ingredients –

2 Eggs (Medium sized)

1/2 Cup refind oil or desi ghee(butter oil)

1 Tsp Orange essence

1 Cup powdered sugar(powdered only)

One orange’s skin grated (around 2 tbsps)Only orange part.

This orange’s juice strained(seeds removed)

Mix all these very well with a hand whisk.

Mix semolina mixture to this mixture. Whisk it well.

Pour it in a pan and slide it in oven.

Now change the temperature for 200 degrees.

Bake it for 35-40 minutes.

Let the oven bake it and take it out after baking done only. Let it be there for more 10-15 minutes when baking stops after 35-40 minutes.

Now take it out and scrape from the corners and keep this in fridge or cooling outside on kitchen counter covered.

Slice and serve later.