The house wives delight salon! Hidden gem in Doha!

So I was looking for a salon nearby to my home in old airport and I saw this FB advertisement. They were popping up at many times. But I was happy with eyebrows only.

Finally I thought of checking the services they were offering. 6/7 Services for 200 only?

So visited them as it is only 5-6 minutes walk away from my place. Staff is amazing and morning time during the weekdays they have less rush.

Been there for 3 services. Pedicure, face cleaning and head massage followed by head wash. They did all with great passion n care. Loved it totally.

Face cleaning was so relaxing. Pedicure they are too good and head massage is very relaxing.

They took only 2 hours approx for three services.

It is Diya beauty salon. Amazing place. Loved their facial beds. All the best to them.

Dresses from Oasis, Monsoon & Zara!

It is not an easy task to find perfect dress for a daughter who grows up fast and wears 4-5 sizes bigger to her age.(Thanks to adulteration free and less polluted life style in the Middle East) and little bit credit goes to the gym & swimming too.

So every year I am watching my little daughter growing up fast, leaving behind Mother care & Gap brands for kids. She is in between a teenager and after toddler age.So what I do is to start searching online what is coming up spring summer fashion this year for the girls or women in dresses and to go for the smallest size. It fits the bill perfectly.

So here is what I have liked so far from my favorite three brands for her.

1- Oasis Stores – When you looking at this brand, you will be stunned on the finesse of cloth and quality of stitching of these dress. They are the finest and little high in pricing. But when you compare the quality, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Dresses from Oasis, Monsoon & Zara 1

V & A Louise dress

This one is first I bought for my daughter Bhavya. I wished to buy it for myself for vaccation but finally ended is buying for my daughter.


Dresses from Oasis, Monsoon & Zara 2

Chelsea floral skater dress

Size was not available otherwise this was my first choice for her.

Dresses from Oasis, Monsoon & Zara 3

Garden print skater dress

This one came in stock after few weeks when I finished my shopping.

Other below mentioned dresses I saw online and personally and felt them as good buys in design, prints and colors.

Monsoon / Accessories




I loved all of Zara dresses much  more because they are very easy on pocket.

This summer these dresses will rock the shelf and those who really have taste for good prints and fine clothing!Dre