Lessons Prince Philip taught us all, directly and indirectly.

Rest in peace!

1- How to behave publicly with your wife and everybody around.

2- Being a father is a big responsibility.

3- Husband means being an iron pillar for wife.

4- No matter what, each relationship requires a honest soulmate.

5- No matter how tall you are, if you are humble, even tiniest creature can feel your care.

6- Give space to each other in relationships.

7- Your life looks like a bed of roses to others but you need to show to the world that yes it is like it.

8- Being a responsible husband means being a great father as well.

I will always love you Sir.♥️

8 Times Harry could have done a lot but…..

Harry is being criticized many ways by the social media and public for his wife’s narcissism and continuous open misbehavior. Looks like he is holding a bucket of fire crackers as a wife.

1- Background check – He is a young generation guy. He could have taken some background check up services on hire before getting married to Meghan Markle. Your country take a long time to provide visa and you got married to a porn actor with millions of nudes on internet? Are you serious. You dated Chelsea, you have such a graceful sister in law and you settled down for Meghan Markle a divorcee(second hand) person?

2- Why you wasted tax payers money for a dream wedding? Why you allowed tiara fight and kids fitting issues? You could have straight away told your fiancé that you can walk out of the wedding if she misbehaves with any single staff or family member. But you behaved like a dumb person all the time?

3- Your sister is getting married and your newly married wife is behaving like 9 months pregnant and you again allowed that cheap drama? Why Harry why? You could have been strict and advised Meghan to go slow, avoid media and not to push jackets behind as well.

4- Your wife is pushing jackets back to show off the baby bump. Videos surfacing one by one. Instead of scolding her tightly you are busy in forcing the palace to close such account on social media. Why?

5- You are moving out of England. Ok? Go! Why you are clicking pics in the jungles and sending them to media like paparazzi is attacking your wife? Even if she is asking you to do such things you could have said no.

6- We thought you will be working and earning and being busy. But no. You are in a rented home, playing with dirty chickens and crying for money from you daddy. Hell! What are you teaching to your kid? Become a royal beggar. Why can’t you work hard and make your own world?

7- You guys are vomiting and shitting on Oprah’s show to show your manners that UK tac payers are idiots who paid this much heavy money so that you both become so thankless one day?

8- 12-14 Lies were caught on Oprah’s show. Did you had courage to say sorry to the world? Why not?

Peethe ke aloo – From the Kayasth kitchens of Bareilly.

Special thanks to Mrs. Chhama Shrivastav (Bareilly). She is my childhood friend.

Peethe ke aloo is a hidden gem recipe from North Indians Kayaathas kitchens. You won’t be able to find this yum recipe any where else in India for sure.

If you feel making a dish from potatoes is a very easy task, this recipe is going to change your perspective for sure. I am scaring you a bit. Lols.

Let us start –


1 Cup white rice soaked for 2-3 hours

2 Medium sized red onions peeled and sliced

4-6 Big cloves of garlic peeled

Grind these all to a fine paste and keep aside.


8 Medium sized boiled potatoes unpeeled and mashed

1 Table spoon turmeric powder

4 Table spoons of dry coriander powder

2 Table spoons of red chili powder

Salt according to taste

1 Table spoon dry ginger powder

1/2 cup of green chilies and green coriander leaves


Take a big heavy bottom kadahi/pan, put 2 Cups of refind oil in it. Yes 2 cups.

Heat the pan on low flame, let oil get warm and hot.

In a big plate mash the potatoes and sprinkle all dry ingredients over them and sprinkle green chilies and coriander as well.

Now sprinkle that wet rice, onion and garlic mix paste over it too.


1- Take two table spoons of dry methidana (fenugreek) powder in the hot oil in pan. mix well for 1-2 minutes on low flame.

2- Pour the mashed potatoes with spices and rice paste in to the pan.

3- Take two spatulas in your hand and start mixing the potatoes in the pan.

4- Now here starts the best hard work. You need to mix and fry this potatoes mix for 10-15 minutes in the pan continuously on low flame.

5- After 15 minutes close the flame and lid.

6- Serve after 30 minutes .

Soya tikka (धोखेबाज़ कबाब).

Many years ago in Aligarh one tiny thelawala used to sell them. My husband Sanjay was always singing songs about those soya kebabs with loads of chutney and butter in it.

Now on FB we have many chef friends around and during once long discussions I got to know that there is a hidden trick to make soya kebabs juicy and deliciously same like chicken tikka.

I tried that for first time. Now what was the result? We make 7 chapatis in my home. Now I made 17 chapatis that day.

Rushed to kitchen again n again because everybody was like “one more chapati”.

So not taking much of your time – Here is the recipe with tricks. You need to read this recipe 2-3 times to get perfect result.

For family of 4 persons you will need 250 gms of soya chunks.

1- Wash well and now Soak bamboo grilling sticks into a big flat pan with kevra mixed water. And grind 1 Table spoon ajwain and 1 Table spoon of red chillies flakes. Soak in 4-6 table spoons of water.

2- Now in a bowl take 2 cups of thick curd and melted 1/4 cup desi ghee. Whisk very well for 2-4 minutes a must.Process is called ekdil ho jana.

3- Mix in following ingredients –

1- Fresh garlic paste -3-4 tablespoons

2- White salt – 1 Table spoon

3- Black salt – 1/2 Tea spoon

4- Turmeric powder – 2 table spoons

5- White pepper powder – 1 Tea spoon

6- Kashmiri lal mirch – 4 Table spoons

7- Yellow mustard powder – 2 Table spoons

8- Mix of ajwain and red chillies powder in water

9- Red onion grated and squeezed -1/4 cup

Mix all very well again and keep aside for 1 hour.

In a big bhagona kind of deep pan, boil 2 ltrs of water with green cardamom, salt and turmeric in. Let it boil very well.

With chimta or holder burn 6 bamboo sticks on gas stove until they are black and broken. Keep in a plate.

Let them cool.

Put soya chunks in the boiling water and turn the flame low. Let them boil for 10 minutes. After that turn off the flame. Wash and squeeze well.

Mix these chunks with marination paste. In a small steel bowl break those burnt bamboo sticks. Put 1 tsp heated n boiling desi ghee over it. Cover the bowl with cling film immediately.

Keep this bowl aside for 5-6 hours in normal temperature. Later shift the bowl in fridge for 6-8 hours again. Keep those soaked bamboo sticks pan in fridge as well.

Making process –

Take a big tray, grease it well, grease the bamboo sticks as well, now put chunks on presoaked bamboo sticks and chop few big chunks of red onion and tomatoes too to grill it alongwith.

Preheat oven on full 250 degrees for 15-20 minutes and slide the tray. Let it be there for 30-40 minutes. Take out brush with desi ghee and slide back for more 20 minutes.

Now take out, brush again with desi ghee and two sticks at a time, grill on open flame of gas stove and slide to a big bowl.

When all done here starts the real process.

Mix 1 cup thick curd, 1/2 cup cream, 1/2 cup melted salted butter, green coriander chutney, chat masala and green coriander chopped very well. Add it to the bowl of grilled kebabs. Mix and serve with rumali roti or nans.

Harry & Meghan – 11 Times they failed me as a fan.

1- When news appeared of Harry dating an American actress, simply (curiously)asked my kids and they told me about some B grade actress doing weird scenes. They were not interested. So googled her and found this picture…. 🙁

2- Gosh! She was a divorcee and her two close relatives left some property and she along with her mother inherited it. Are you serious respected Queen? No background checks for such a high level royal wedding? Why? Really wish that getting Uk visa was that simple too. Before my imaginations that dirty Tiara fight news were already on Instagram.

3- Now her father threw a tantrum and he was ghosted(But she called him “Champion”?). Saw Charles holding her hand to wedding alter and mother sitting there as a guest. But she was crying. Wait, something was not genuine for sure. Who asked her? And her daughter was already married once right? And she faced a bitter divorce and blame game on her in laws as well.

4- Harry got married and soon those ugly PDA videos started surfacing. One year and pregnancy news during royal wedding and many more idiotic things happened. Those push jacket back to show baby bump videos were floating on social media.

5- Immediately after wedding I found Meghan to struggle hard with those Kate style copying heels. She was about to fall and holding Harry’s hand was essential. Her private secretary looked sacred and bullied heavily in few videos. Poor soul.

6- Baby came in private without Royal hospital visits and hardly (not a single time) I heard that Meghan visited hospital for check ups even. How is that possible? Why Kate’s morning sickness was a news and Meghan was a super woman without single hospital visit? Weird?

7- Finally they left for Canada and I thought ok they must be trying to get a quarter in a castle but failed so they felt abused in frog-more cottage so left. In a country where getting a two bedroom apartment costs a lot they were not HAPPY with a palatial luxury home? Wow! Free money actually increases your greed. Looks like she was expecting the Queen to gift her Windsor castle. Are you serious?

8- I thought they are going to start a good business as Harry had pockets full of father’s pocket money and they will start a swanky restaurant or gym or pr agency or baby brand like –

9- But I found them in court rooms, TV show and dirty chicken barn, accusing of not getting security, title and money. You and your wife paid Oprah so that you can vomit on Oprah’s couch? How shameless you both are? After eating heavy money from British taxpayers for your wedding and luxuries you are shitting on their emotions and Harry you are allowing your narcissist wife? Are you dumb or blind or some kind of addict? You have no brains? At all! Who actually is paying them? I want Royals to take back every single piece of Diana’s jewellery from Meghan the porn Markle. It is a shame to a lady who suffered a lot in her life. Just take them all back. Harry and Meghan are shame to every single tax payer of Britain who earn with hard work and pay his/her taxes on time. Just take back every single penny.

10- Seriously! Why can’t you go, get a job and earn? Like every hard working person with honest heart and serious for own kid is doing now a days?

11- Tell me one thing! You do not have money? Right? And you guys planned another baby so that you can beg more money? And Meghan is pointing fingers on a Queen who is biggest Monarch authority in the whole world? You are involved in murder/suspicious deaths, porn movie actress and divorcee. You have no shame?

Very sad. Total failure you both are.

Lababdar sabzi masala (Tamam – E – Sabz). Secret recipe from royal caterers.

One of the finest recipe coming up to make your shahi vegetables more delectable. This is basically called tamam – e – sabzi in Aligarh Halwayi community. Works great chicken, paneer and dum sabzi recipes.

Lababdar means very rich and creamy in taste. All you need to do onwards to make a gravy of fried tomato and onion, lightly fry your paneer or vegetables. Now add vegetables/chicken\mutton to gravy and mix in our tamam e sabzi masala. Mix well. Tamam e sabzi masala ration is 250 gms of sabzi to 4 tbsps of this masala mixed into 12 tbsps of milk.

It is a very quick to make kind of recipe indeed BUT you need to store it in fridge. Otherwise it will turn bitter.

Ingredients –

1- 4 Cups of washed and dried white cashews.

2- 1 Cup of khus khus

3- 1/4 Cup of almonds, washed dried

4- 4 Tsps of sugar

5- 1/2 cup Degi mirch powder

6- 1/4 Cup black pepper (optional)

7- 1/4 Cup green cardamom with skin on

8- 1/4 Cup black cardamom with skin on

9- 4 Tbsps of sonth powder(ginger powder)

10- 6 Tbsps of anardana

11- 1 Tbsps of saffron strings

Method –

Lightly fry cashew, almonds and khus khus and close the lid immediately.

Now let these nuts get cool.

Add all things to mixi jar and grind to a finest powder.

Store in fridge in an air tight container.

How to use –

For 250 gms paneer &ki sabzi your need at least 4 tbsps of this powder mixed with warm water to be mixed in the vegetable at the last stage.

8 Reasons to visit The Golden temple as a true Indian.

१- हिंदू धर्म स्थान ही क्यूँ? प्रवासी हूँ क्यूँ?

२- स्वर्ण मंदिर (अमृतसर) जी. 

३- हर भारत वासी को अपनी ज़िंदगी में एक बार इस अतुलनीय साफ़ सुथरे धार्मिक स्थल को ज़रूर देखना चाहिए। 

४- हमको आठ चीजें सीखने को मिलती हैं – 

१- सफ़ाई

२- मेनेजमेंट

३- मुफ़्त और बेहद बढ़िया व्यवस्थाएँ 

४- बड़े दिल के लोग 

५- विशालतम परिसर का ज़बरदस्त रख रखाव 

६- बिना पैसों को दिए एक समान दर्शन सबके लिए 

७- विशालकाय मुफ़्त भोजन की व्यवस्था 

८- महिलाओं से कोई बदतमीज़ी नहीं

Why we are not talking/making Cashew powder bark(Chikki)?

Lols. Loved these lines a lot. So thought of using these as my recipe’s title.

This is a totally new kind of caramel popcorn making time idea. We tried and found that it is actually a no fail recipe. Very quick(trust me) as well.

Ingredients –

1- 3 Cups of powdered cashews

(You need to warm cashews for a minute on high in the microwave before grinding)

2- 1/4 Cup cashews broken pcs for garnishing.

3- 3 Cups sugar mixed with 1/2 cup of butter

4- 1/2 Tsp Soda by carb (a must- to make batk/chikki soft crunchy)

5- 1 Tap vanilla essence

6- 1 Tbsp finest powder of green cardamom(optional)

7- One big metal tray greased well for spreading the bark.

Method –

1- Take a heavy bottom pan and warm butter and sugar in it on low flame.

2- The moment it melts well and turns light brownish, mix in soda by carb with vanilla essence, mix (whisk) well. In high speed but carefully.

3- Now close the flame and immediately put in cashew powder and cardamom powder. Keep mixing very well.

4- Pour in greased metal tray and spread it as widely as you can.

5- Let it cool for 50-60 minutes and after that loft from one corner with knife slightly and start breaking into the pcs. Yummmm!!!

Sava Pua – Aligarh halvai community’s favorite but now forgotten recipe.

I had my son in 2002 exactly after 9 months of my marriage. I got married in February first week, I had my son on 17th of November,2002. I was blushing a lot during all ceremonies after his birth as people were counting all days etc.. but many of my husband’s friends were suggesting amazing desserts for the celebration ceremony’s dinner.

Gajar ka halva was made by a particular halvai from Chandausi. During one conversation with him, he suggested one sweet. But he was not sure about the full recipe. So one halvai from Aligarh itself(where I used to reside) suggested that he can get the recipe from his parents. He got it and they started making it. I guess every single piece was gone before I had dinner that night. But somehow few relatives insisted me to have some food from their plates so I had it.

Noted the recipe and started making it with bit of efforts for my family. Today thought of sharing it with you all.

You might feel that it is just like malpua. Nope! It is not. It is called sava pua because halvais used to make it in savaya portions. But I am giving the portions according to a modern family of 4.

Ingredients – (For making 30 medium sized pcs) –

1 Cup mix of almonds, cashews, wallnuts

2 Cups of milk bubbling hot

1/4 Cup of urad dal, washed, dried, deep fried in desi ghee until light brownish and powdered

1- Cup Maida (All purpose flour)

1/2 Cup Mava or milk powder

1/3 Cup semolina

1 Tbsp saunf

1 Tbsp green cardamom powder

1 Cup Sugar

1/2 Cup water

1/2 Cup curd

Few strands of kesar(saffron)

2 Cups mix of refind oil and desi ghee.

Method –

1- Grind dry fruits with 1/2 cup milk to thinnest paste possible. Keep adding 1/2 cup milk with few grindings. Full 2 cups of milk into 1 cup of dry fruits.

2- Mix in saunf(fennel seeds), 1/2 Tbsp green cardamom powder. Mix very well.

3- Now add fried dal powder, mava, curd and suji in it.

4- Start whisking this paste for 2-3 minutes.

5- Now add all purpose flour. Mix very well.

6- If it is thick add more milk to make it semi thick dropping consistency kind of batter.

7- Keep aside for 1/2 hour.

8- In a heavy bottom pan add sugar, water, 1/2 tbsp green cardamom powder and saffron strands.

9- Boil on high flame for 3-4 minutes. Close the flame.

10- Take a flat heavy bottom pan, heat the mix of refind oil and desi ghee. Medium heated and lowest flame. Now start putting one tbsp batter in the pan on some distance. Start frying puas in the heated oil pan. When golden brown from boths sides, take out and dip in the sugar syrup.

11- You need to layer the sava puas one upon one and keep putting the upside down two three times. So that they soak the syrup.

One of the easiest and rich recipe.

Please do try sometime.