Six helpful points to ruin that killer deal with a salon.

Six helpful points to ruin that killer deal with a salon.

Well well well!

So you are happy to get a deal or coupon for a combo deal at a parlor/salon around or may be bit far away. But hardly matters. Finally you can pamper yourself for a while within a budget. Right? Nope you can be too damn wrong too. Not every time but yes many times for sure.

1- By not taking your extra pair of undergarments and own towel – Yup they hide the facts for certain reasons. Once you pay them at the reception. Like it is going to be a very BIG deal. But stay calm and tell them that if you need any you will buy it later but not now.So if you have body scrub/body massage kind of thing in package, put one pair of under garments, tissue box and towel for sure with you.

2- You are not so keen on duration of your deal? – Well checking in advance for the duration of this killer deal for multi tasks in one go means you need a skin specialist, nail therapists and hair expert. So if they have one staff dedicated to you or different persons are going to take care of your killer deal? You might think of 2-3 hours and end up in spending 4-5 hours in the salon. Check this before for sure. Otherwise you might find lot many new walk-ins persons fighting for attention, time or sitting space for sure.

3- You might ruin your pedicure with these sneakers – Better go in slippers/flipflops instead of tight sneakers. Because if you getting late and your nail expert decides to do the nail paint in the last it is going to be a blunder by spoiling your nail paint in a sneaker.

4- So you forgot your make up pouch or what? – Keeping your own moisturizer along with makeup kit in you salon visit bag is a must. Don’t expect them to give you anything for free and full of hygiene too. Just take your own things for last touch up including moisturizer and compact.

5- Trying that extra soft conversation? – Noway! Just be professional, avoid any personal talks and details giving habits might put you in their “she is soft, she can wait for 2-3 hours” list. They will serve those first who are shouting and cursing. Trust me. Just avoid any direct eye contact and be bit tough and not reachable kind of person. Let them feel you are not easy to tackle. Your work will

be done in set duration.

6- Are you getting lured by that little extra money and you will get THAT? – They are trained to get money out of your pocket by suggesting small things/treatments. If you are on budget, just take your headphones with you and ask them to start for whatever is included in the deal. They will know that you won’t be hearing and you will save a lot by putting that pair of headphones over your ears.

All the best.

Five mistakes you did just being at home for not getting a job.

It is hilarious or may be serious point but trust me lot many of us repeatedly sigh to known ones that “Oh! I am trying my best but still not getting a job”! “May be it is a God’s will that I should stay back and sleep in home”.

Sorry! God has to do nothing if you are not even trying your best for it. So better start looking at these below mentioned points and try to take action today. I can guarantee you that within a month you will land up in a office for sure.

1- Not heading towards a salon – Yup! This is a major mistake most of us do all the time. For being in a good job now a days you need to opt for better skin, hairs and looks. Nobody wants a lazy cow looking ugly roaming around in worst looks.

There are many more opting for better looks with dashing personalities. When I thought of going back into a job after longtime being at home, first thing I did was getting a killer deal from a local nearby salon which included body massage, facial, waxing, manicure, pedicure, eyebrows and hair wash with blow dry.

I was about enter a professional battle with those applicants sitting in a big row in the interviewing office. Till date I feel proud of my decision because on the spot I was bright, beautiful, beaming with confidence of my own personality and got offer letter.

2- No personal shopping since long – You need to push yourself for body-shapers, nice pairs of trousers, tops and shirts along with a pair of comfortable good quality shoes. Your walk with a style into interviewer’s presence actually matter. So try to go out in advance, check what is in trend and going well with kind of the job you are applying for. Look cool, sober and presentable. For females lot many times salary discussions depends on your own looks and confidence levels as well.

3- Being ignored from upgrading skills and programs – Check for several online magazines subscriptions, computer updates, world news and technical aspects of your job. Get in touch with that friend who worked with you or make some new friends in the same profile. Try to dig out what new is going on in the market. Upgrade yourself with every possible thing on the radar.

4- Closing your eyes over your own resume – There is no harm in getting your resume done by a professional person. Ask him to cut it short, retype it and show you draft in advance. Check for errors, mention your experience in a very polite way and there is a small trick. If you been away from a job for quite long time, just narrate one thing that you were head of a family during that time and was focusing on time management skills. Add one serious line of humor to show that you are proud of what you did so far for your family.

5- Ignoring the job market updates and advertising – The best thing to get a job is to show that you need one. Many times when you have certain kind of skills, might be possible some other kind of job comes up for a certain time. Might be possible you may get a part time offer too. So start posting for free in FB groups, local news papers as well. And keep checking in all corners of the news world online and offline. Ask for references too.

Earlier days, less competition in the jobs market but now a days every second person is getting professional and gearing up in a much strong mannerism for money making seat. You need to be aware of this fact by heart. All the best. Hope this article helped you.

Gathua bhari hai!

आज ऐसे ही मन हुआ की सरिता को देख आऊं, कई दिनों पहले सुना था की काफी बीमार है. मैं अक्सर लोगों को उनकी बीमारी की हालत में तुरंत देखने नहीं जाती हूँ. बचपन में ही माँ ने समझाया था की बीमार और उसका परिवार पहले ही परेशानी और संक्रमण से गुजर रहे होते हैं फिर आप भी पहुँच जाओगे तो और दुविधा में पड़ जाते हैं. तो उस बात का पालन अब तक कर रही हूं.

खैर सरिताजी का घर हमारे घर से थोड़ी दूर ही है. पैदल ही चल दी, रस्ते से थोड़े से फ़ल खरीदे की खाली हाथ क्या जाऊँ? उनका घर बेहद छोटा पर सुबिधाओं से भरपूर है.पति शिवराज किसी बैंक के बेहद ऊँचे पद से रिटायर होके ये घर बनवा के इस अच्छी और महंगी कॉलोनी में आ बसे थे. नीचे एक ड्राइंग रूम, किचन, बाथरूम और बैडरूम था ऊपर की मंज़िल पर तीन कमरे थे जिनमें बड़ा बेटा बहु, छोटा बेटा और एक नौकर रहते थे. और उसके ऊपर की छत पर उनके कई सारे पेड़ पौधे लगे थे, कपडे आदि सुखाये जाते थे.

सारा परिवार सबसे नीचे की मंज़िल पर ही पूरा दिन बिताता था. रात होने पर ही निचली मंज़िल पर शांति चाय रहती थी. सरिता जी पति के घुटनों के दर्द की वजह से नीचे ही रहने लगी थीं.

सरिताजी के घर गयी तो नौकर ने दरवाज़ा खोला और मुझे उनके कमरे में जाने को कहा. बड़ी खुश हो गयीं वो मुझको देखकर. बोलीं “तुम्हारी उम्र लम्बी है, अभी तुम्हारे घर के आगे से आ रही हूँ. कुछ टेस्ट्स करवाने थे पर आज डॉक्टर नहीं आये थे तो जल्दी वापस आ गयी. घर में अभी खाना भी नहीं बना है.”. मैंने पपीता और केले से भरा पैकेट उनको पकड़ा दिया. वो बड़ी खुश हो गयीं. बोलीं भी “वह आज तो मन हो रहा था की कुछ अच्छा सा मीठा सा फल खा लूँ”. फिर अपने नौकर को आवाज लगाके उन्होंने उसे फटाफट फ्रूट चाट बना लाने को कहा. पर वो बोला की अभी थोड़ी देर में बना लाएगा. वो छत पर कपडे सूखने चला गया.

अभी मैं सरिताजी से उनकी कुशलक्षेम पता कर ही रही थी की दरवाज़ा खुलने की आवाज़ आयी. सरिता जी की बहु थी शायद. उसके साथ कोई सहेली भी थी. दोनों जोर जोर से बातें करती हुईं घर में घुसी थीं और मुझे लगा की शायद सास को देखने कमरे में आएगी ही. सरिताजी मुँह में थर्मामीटर लगाए बुखार चेक कर रही थीं तो वो भी आवाज़ नहीं दे पायीं.

उनकी बहु के सहेली ने कहा “यार फ्लैट में रहो कहाँ ये ऊपर नीचे के चक्कर लगा लगा के सारा दिन निढाल होती रहती हो?”

बहु ने जिसको शायद आइडिया भी नहीं था की सास जड़ी आके कमरे में हैं, तुरंत पलट के बोली “यार क्या बताऊँ, बहुत भारी गठुआ है हमारी सास के पास पर खर्चा करने को तैयार नहीं हैं. यही सड़ेंगी. क्या करूँ? इतनी कंजूस हैं की पूछो मत?”.

मुझको बहुत हैरानी हुयी की सरिताजी तो इतनी तारीफ करती थीं अपनी बहु की हमेशा. मैंने सरिताजी किणतर्फ देखा तो उन्होंने सर झुका लिया.

बहु ने शायद घर से कुछ लेना था जो वो लेके सहेली के साथ फ़ौरन बाहर चली गयी. दरवाज़ा स्वचालित लॉक वाला था तो शायद नौकरवको आवाज़ देने की जरुरत भी नहीं पड़ी.

अब जब वो चली गयी तो मैंने और सरिताजी ने एक असमंजस की स्तिथि में एक दूसरेको देखा. सरिताजी फीकी सी हंसी हंस के बोलीं “गठुआ सबको दीखता है तरुणा परन्तु गठुआ जोड़ा कैसा जाता है आजकल की लड़कियां सीखना ही नहीं चाह्ती हैं.”.

मैंने भी उनके दर्द को दिल से महसूस किया. मैंने कहा की आज का ज़माना और है. लोग कुछ जोड़ना कहाँ चाहते हैं?”.

सरिताजी की आँखों से आंसू बह निकले, बोलीं “हम सारी उम्र खाना देख के खाते रहे की ब्लाउज टाइट हो गए तो नए सिलाने पड़ेंगे. अमरीका इंग्लैंड कितनी बार गए पर साथ में न ज्यादा सामान लेके गए ना ही वहां के लिए कुछ नया खरीदा. अब आजकल के बच्चों को अपने फालतू खर्चे नहीं दीखते. बस माँ बाप सास ससुर का जोड़ा हुआ दीखता है.

मैं सर झुकाये सुनती रही. कितनी सच बात कह रही थीं, मेरे घर में खुद ही इतना उल्टा सीधा खर्चा होता रहता है की कभी बहुत गुस्सा आते हुए भी चुप रह जाना पड़ता है. बहु का तो क्या कहूँ? मेरी बिटिया का भी का भी खूब बुरा हाल है. शादी हुयी तो खूब समझाया की छह कली के पेटीकोट बनवा लेना ताकि आगे तक चलें पर सारे पेटीकोट फिगर के अनुसार बनवा के बैठ गयीं. दो साल बाद सारे पेटीकोट छोटे हो गए तो दुबारा बनवाने पड़े. हनीमून के लिए जो कपडे खरीदे वो संयुक्त घर में पहनने लायक नहीं थे तो कुछ महीने बाद इधर उधर दे दिए गए, शादी में जो मेकअप लिया गया वो भी कही सड़ ही रहा है. महंगा है तो कहीं दे नहीं सकती और ऑफिस में इतनी बिजी है की पार्टी मेकअप का टाइम नहीं है. जितने भारी लहंगे इंडो वेस्टर्न सूट साडी खरीदे सब ससुराल में एक बड़े बक्से में बंद कर दिए गए.वो अमरीका जाके क्या बसी की अब पीछे क्या छूटा कुछ याद नहीं.

रही बात पैसा जोड़ने की तो अब कहाँ घर में बने खाने की तरफ देखने की फुर्सत? सारा दिन यही ऑफर आते हैं की एक पिज़्ज़ा के साथ एक पिज़्ज़ा फ्री. कहीं न कहीं मेरी बहु भी दबी जबान में मुझको सुना चुकी है की लॉकर में सोना ऐसे ही पड़ा है तो क्यों न मैं एक डायमंड का सेट ले लून. पर उसकी खुद की एक अंगूठी का हीरा क्या निकला उसके भले से चाचा की दूकान की असलियत सामने आ गयी. पहले तो वो बोले की नया हीरा बहुत महंगा पड़ेगा तो बदल ही लो अंगूठी. फिर बोले की हीरा अलग मेटल अलग चलेगा. कच्चे के भाव जाएगी अंगूठी. अब व्ही अगर सोना होता तो क्या ऐसा होता? पर आजकल के बच्चे समझते कहाँ हैं?

गठुआ भारी जरूर होता है सासों के पास पर शायद उस गठुए को जोड़ने में कही न कहीं बहुत सारी इच्छाएं भी दबी कुचली होती हैं सासों की. वो शायद नहीं दीखती बहुओं को. खैर एक दिल की दबी हुयी सी बात थी, सरिताजी से गपशप करके मन हल्का सा हो गया आज.

Urban beggars of India!

Like all Muslims don’t sacrifice animals on Eid, they buy mutton and chicken to celebrate festivals, same with Navratris. Not all Hindus celebrate it and make halwa chana puri and alu ki sabzi. 19-24 Bihari, Marwadis, Marathi, Tamil and Kerala Hindu families around as neighbors and friends. They do not celebrate Navmi or gift anything to the girls. But their expectations from me is to make 40-45 plates of halwa puri chana and alu sabzi with heavy gifts for kids AND A BIG EXTRA plate of same for adukts are useless greedy mindsets just like my Kerala Muslim neighbor’s family friends expect her to make biryani and kebabs for 500 people on Eid.They are hardcore blind to see that she is mother of 4 kids with husband and very old aged in laws in home.

We are two females from different religions but one pair for the festival expectations from those people(housewives) who hardly care to gift anything to both of us on festivals. These females literally die to serve water even when somebody goes to their home but in others house they can eat for free and backbite like educated mental retards about their bartans kitchen and living standards.

Some people are born with a mindset that from where we are going to beg for what? Instead of what we can gift to others. What kind of mindset they are developing in their kids? Bheekh mango sabse saari umar aur do kuch nahi?

#painfulranting #highexpectations #greedyfriends

क्या हैं जिंदगी के मायने?

अच्छे दिल के लोग आपके साथ उम्रदराज़ होते हैं. आपके साथ रहते हैं, आपको निभाते हैं, आपसे बना के रखते हैं. आपको एक दिन के लिए भी अकेला नहीं छोड़ते हैं. उनके जिंदगी के लम्हे आपसे जुड़े रहते हैं. चाहें किसी भी सिचुएशन से गुजर रहे हों पर वो आपके साथ हर सुख और हर दुःख बाँटने में विश्वास रहते हैं. कल बात करुँगी आज थोड़ा बिजी हूँ या फिर चल दो तीन दिन बाद बात करेंगे तू अपने काम निपटा मैं अपने काम निपटा लेती हूँ.

पर गलत और स्वार्थी लोग अचानक आपकी जिंदगी से गायब होके अचानक प्रकट हो जाते हैं. उनका कहीं न कहीं आत्मग्लानि का बोध उनको वापस आपकी और लौटने को मजबूर करता है पर फिर वो कहीं खो जाते हैं क्यूंकि फिर उनको स्वार्थ सिद्धि के नए नए आयाम दिखने लगते हैं. लालच और कुटिलता दिल से जाती नहीं है.

और फिर आते हैं वो लोग जो जिंदगी भर आपसे जलते हैं कुढ़ते हैं और आपकी हर बात में बुराईआं निकलते हैं. वो जिंदगी भर अपने खुद के लोगों कोआपकी बुराइयां कर कर के अंधा बनाये रखते हैं की आप कितने बुरे हैं. वो किसी को भी ये नहीं बताते की आप उनके लिए कितना करते हो या फिर वो लोगों से ये कहके की आप उनके लिए कितना करते हो कहकर उनसे भी फायदा उठाते हैं.

पर जिंदगी ऐसे किसी भी इंसान से नहीं चलती है. जिंदगी आपके खुद के कायदे कानून और म्हणत से चलती है. ऐसे स्वार्थी लोगो से दूर रहिये जो आपके रसूख से तो फायदा उठाना चाहें परन्तु पीठ पीछे आपकी दुनिया भर से बुराइयां करते फिरते हों. आपकी पुराने ज़माने की पोल पट्टी सबको बताते फिरते हों ताकि खुद को सही साबित करते हों. दुनिआ अगर बदसूरत है तो सिर्फ ऐसे ही लोगों की वजह से है. वर्ना दोस्ती या रिश्तेदारियां बड़ी खूबसूरत होती हैं. प्यार से निभाते रहिये.

Best Banana bread recipe is here.

Well, I was just managing the posts in my FaceBook group ChatniSonth and here it was a post by Mr. John Politte for his grandmother’s banana cake.

Today this recipe turned out to the best banana bread ever baked by me. Very simple recipe as well. Thank you John.

Ingredients –

2 Cups of all purpose flour

1 Pinch of rock salt

1 Tsp (yes) baking soda

Mix all together

3 Bananas medium big sized

1/2 Cup butter or desi ghee or refind oil

( I used 6 tbsps of desi ghee and 4 tbsps of refind oil)

2 Eggs

1 Tbsp vanilla essence

Method – (Too simple)

Beat well sugar and butter very well by a big spoon/whisk. Let it be double the size.

Mash and mix all wet ingredients very well.

Now add dry ingredients like all purpose flour, salt and baking soda mix.

Pour in greased pan and bake for 1 hour (almost) in preheated oven at 170-180 degree Celsius.

Check the color and remove and cool it well before slicing.

Matar Qadeem’s hidden gem Bengali sweet shop.

So you are in Qatar(Doha) and keep searching for a very good quality sweetshop?

Let me tell you about a small hidden gem kind of outlet which sells mind blowing typical great craftsmanship kind of Bengali sweets. We explored it multiple times and finally found that what is actually good to buy from their outlet.

These three sweets as shown in the picture above are the best ones. White rasgulla, Black gulab jamun, and cham cham. They have such a to die for taste that I never had such kind of perfectly made sweets even in India since long. May be because of heavy adulteration factor due to massive population there. But in Doha this shop is serving best delicacies for your tastebuds.

Let me explain you further. The oil they are using is must be of very high quality and when you start chewing these juicy treats they are actually melt in the mouth kind of. They reach the last corner of your tongue to give that immense happiness of dense taste.

So here the shop details. Shop name is Chand Pur Restaurant and it is almost next(2-3 shops ahead) to Indian Samoosa shop(that tiny shop famous for chicken and veggie samboosa) on main Matar Qadeem commercial road. 

Please do try these sweets and check yourself that how is the taste.

PS : The sweets are very extra sweet so better start buying with little quantity and later on increase the buying if you really like them.

10 Tips before planning Loch Nessy (Scotland)Trip.

Well I will not take much of your time and will share some of my own experienced ideas for you so that you can plan this fabulous but little disappointing trip in advance.

Soldiers memorial

1- The tour bus/coaches – They are highly professionals and hardly gives you any time to spend at the main shore stoppage of Loch Ness. (Not more than 10-15 minutes).

2- The drivers/guides – Ours was a female guide driver who kept guiding us about certain eateries and washrooms but again she was also highly professional and was driving quite fast. So try to get a seat near window to see and click the beautiful Scotland’s highland.

3- Be quick – You are initially going to see micro seconds glimpses of Harry Potter related sites and major 3-4 bridges of Ireland. So just keep your eyes open for the first 1 hour of the start of your trip.

4- Hire a cab/car – Loch Ness or Harry Potter trips if you are a big fan go for personal transport. You will be able to see the places in real and with plenty of own time.

5- Not much vegetarian feasts around – Just keep some good and heavy snacks and cold drinks with you. Eat ice creams and baked cakes and muffins. These trips stop at small hypermarkets or eateries where you can hardly get any good vegetarian meal kind of thing. Plan in advance.

6- Washrooms – A big issue almost everywhere. Initially they stop in between and there is a public toilet with 50 Pennies fees. Go for it. If you are opting for that small restaurant’s free toilet, trust me at least 60-70 people will be there in line. Again I insist opt for own transport if you wish to avoid such things.

7- Short time stoppage – Each place they stop for very short time and that is for reason. They need to return back in time to Edinburgh. Roads are highly zigzagged and they must be trying to keep you safe. Better come back to the bus/coach in time.

8- Shopping – All prices on highland tour stoppages shops are bit cheaper from Edinburgh. So better buy from there. I repented for not buying a bag for 49 GBPs and because I loved it so much so bought the same one in Edinburgh for 55 GBPs.

9- Avoid small kids – This trip is not meant for small kids like below 10 years. As 80% of the time you are in bus sitting and looking outside. They are bore, lot many start howling and crying as well. Opt for personal vehicles to avoid such issues if you can afford.

10- Trip plan – Check the facts before booking. Like in our trip we saw one World war soldiers memorial, Loch Ness, Three Sisters mountain range etc but we thought they are taking us Isle of sky as well. Our fault that it was not included.

Please do check the fact that if you are going for a whole lake’s trip(not possible by being in guided tour in bus/coach or just crossing the lake for good money to reach the other side of the lake?Make sure with the driver/guide about this. People think they are paying for whole lake’s trip. But whole lake’s trip is very expensive and needs 2-4 hours in fact. Only possible by a days trip in own vehicle.

Last tip. Keep the google around. When your guide asks you that how many Lochs(Lakes) are there in Scotland? 10-20-30? And if you reply 4000 plus actually ….. they feel happy for their country. They are very proud of William Wallis and their heroes mentions in several Hollywood movies as well.

Happy Journey!

Our tour guide/driver – Ms Kelly(amazing person)

Five smart moves to be liked at work place.

1- Listen just listen don’t speak – Yup! Just listen for first few months and keep listening with little abbreviations like Really! Really? Oh! Oh! God! Oh! My God! . Staying in voversation without giving any opinions at all. If asked just quickly close the matter with any genuine excuse like “I have no idea actually” or “I will ask my brother about that as he is quite good at these kind of things”. Stay simple n close as well.

2- Big snack packs or lunchbox – Whatever you eat good at work place, share it. Lot many times anxieties and stress comes with long working hours and people behave oddly with hungry tummies. So whatever you eat, just share it. It will make you famous, liked and adored.

3- Be clean – Go to wash room often and come out with wiping your hands with your own hand towel not a tissue paper. Do it 5-7 times a day. People actually like clean people and trust them more. This was suggested by lot many behavior therapists as well.

4- Keep an eye on empty parking lots – Suggest it often. Or any easy commuting to office ways. People love when they get solutions for such things.

5- Never talk about others to others – Yes! Backbiting creates issues. 69% of work stress comes from backbiting or passing on personal talks in between to others. Stop it or just don’t initiate it. Even if your boss tries to do it. Just smile and don’t say a single word forward.

All the best .