My type of cake is….

For me cake means this! Not any sugar laden multiple thousands time touched sugar laden idiotic competitiveness and health hazard coatings.

Cakes were meant to be baked and eaten. I don’t know who invented decorating them but yes at least not for me. I believe in bake and gulping a big slices immediately with a nice cold drink or cup of Horlicks.

I have faith in a home buffing up with nice baking smell and later on a kitchen coubter with a half eaten cake. This is how cake must be eaten. And yes on birthdays I do believe in cream frosted pinneapple or chocolate cakes only.

Somehow fondants never touched my soul. I never believed in them. Those heavily colored sugar coatings make me sick. Several times

touchings and breathes nearby cakes. Ewwwww!!! Just I think and feel nasty. All result of those heavily decorated mega cakes making videos make me feel strong that how damn right I am. I saw one bridal gown shape cake being made with great efforts and finally some shopoholic lunatic billionaire girls digging in for a ring or coupon. Gross!!

Later on I realized that several moms keep complaining on social media that how their kiddos got piles, stomach aches and heart burn after consuming a birthday party’s fondant cake. So my suspicions were right it seems. Not everybody in cake decorating is using right kind of material. If they are dirt cheap they must be compromising with quality somehow.

But anyways. Everybody got their own story of liking or disliking the cake decoration as it is a big business now a days. So this was my part. Inwill keep believing in a slice of freshly cake. Forever!