Well! Each year I bring bit of mukhvaas and dry pan etc from India for some munching cravings. Kids in
1- Believes in improving his skills and reading a lot.  2- Good in social media stalking and snooping.  3- Damn
Because my son Kutkut is studying for his 12th grade from CBSE(Indian board examination) so his study, sleeping and meal
1- Try to pack body covered fashionable clothes like maxi with sleeves, long skirts and closed neck and full sleeves
1- Start posting jokes on your whatsapp status. Start it now. Like this one.  2- Take a big pack of
Cloud kitchens are mushrooming a lot now a days. But not many of them are able to survive after a
So are we in the same boat of having multiple fails of making those dhokla lumpy, gooey and total failures
कुछ अविश्विसनिये तथ्ये एक हिन्दू राष्ट्र के बारे में जिसे पश्चिमी देशों और धर्मांतरण गुरुओं ने चिढ के बदनाम कर
1- Near Dar Al salam mall there is a town ship with big trees of neem.2- Just take the neem
Ever wondered what they sprinkle on the top of your chat? Here is an ancient recipe from a Chandni chowk
I got some red and yellowish pears from Lulu. They turned out pretty sweet and pretty hard as well. So
Nadigeer is basically a very ancient gypsy marwari community recipe (cure) for those females who are having periods or just
Flourless chocolate pancakes! Can you believe this? My daughter Chulbuli invented them few days back. They are very addictive and
Let me tell you about my mother in law’s kitchen tips. Her misraniji(lady cook) used to tell many stories that
Easy tricks to retain moisture in your air conditioned room. As summer season is in peak, if you are facing
Being in Doha Qatar during this summer time means there is always a concern of having fresh things in plates
अनुज बड़ा हैरान हो गया जब सोसाइटी की मीटिंग में सब ने स्वर में कहा की वार्षिकोत्स्व के डिनर प्रोग्राम
After struggling for many years with oiling and greasing my curry leaves into ziplock pouches or freezing them into ice
One pot apple cake is a very easy peasy cake to make with goodness of apples. Ingredients - 1 Cup
All you need are basic ingredients easily available in your kitchen. These apple pancakes are healthy and very yum kind
Many elements are necessary to keep your company culture healthy. 1- Passion for work in each employee. 2- Patience for
Well! These two tricks are from a Bangladeshi Halwai in Doha. I got it few months back but tried it
Well, being a mother of two kids (1 boy and 1 girl), lot many times I struggle with these kids
As we all know that in this pandemic era, survival of humans is a big thing and lot many people
Well, you do not need flour but you need glucose biscuits to make this yum tangy fluffy cake.  Ingredients - 
  Different continents, multiple races, multi nationalities and one human race. But ever you thought that how come parenting issues
  Yes we all do that and know it well also. Let us check what all we are doing in
Six helpful points to ruin that killer deal with a salon. Well well well! So you are happy to get
It is hilarious or may be serious point but trust me lot many of us repeatedly sigh to known ones