5 Factual points about school life to guide kids about.
Recently my kids told me about misbehave kids do with school bus staff on regular basis. Like calling them names Read more.
Spiced (sweet n sour mint flavored) mixed nuts. (falahari).
Falahari vrat recipe. If you are trying this recipe first time please take care of portions. It is a very Read more.
Few apprises for growing up teen kids!
Just trying to be bit supportive(and emotional as well). 1- Respect your parents and follow their advises sincerely. They will Read more.
5 Quick tips to settle down your kids in the new school environment.
Special thanks to my friend Mrs. Pooja Shekhar for inspiring this post. New schools are always a place of anxiety Read more.
The easiest drooling dessert you can make (pineapple swish).
So we were at my friend’s place for a dinner meet and my daughter whispered to me “Mummy can you Read more.
The dumbest culture.
We are dumbest civilization being Indians. We have a country full of snake charmers and magicians. We don’t permit our Read more.
Judge Kavanaugh case.
यूनाइटेड स्टेटस देश का क़ानून सबसे सख्त और तुरंत काम करने वाला है. यहाँ कहते हैं की पांच से दस Read more.
Baingan bhaja!
बैंगन भाजा(बैंगन फ्राई) मुझको बैंगन काफी पसंद है. भरता, सब्ज़ी या फ्राई मैं सब बहुत अच्छे से बना भी लेती Read more.
Cashew poha cutlets.
Cashew poha chops! My kiddo had dental surgery for tooth removal few days back. So I am making very soft Read more.
Crispy Banana crepes!
Warning – It can be super addictive.If you have no self raising flour than pls dont make it or ask Read more.
Best n crispy adai(mixed dal dosa).
My friend posted a post early morning. It was about dosas. It inspired and finally our dinner was Adai. Super Read more.
Tricks n tips to be a winner in exams.
As a worried parent lot many of us wish our kids to study hard but lot many times we have Read more.
The grand legacy of Sir Ganga Ram.
  He is Rai Bahadur Sir Ganga Ram. He did so much for India and Pakistan that when Pakistan government Read more.
Peppers @ The Grand Qatar Palace Hotel!
(The ancient art pcs in the entrance lobby) are quite unique. So it was a quick decision to visit this Read more.
Peppers @ The Grand Qatar Palace Hotel!
(The ancient art pcs in the lobby) So it was a quick decision to visit this restaurant for the first Read more.
Ten easy ways hotels can earn and save a lot!
Yup, during our multiple countries trips we kept staying a lot at one particular business/luxury hotel chain only as due Read more.
Simple trick to take out white coconut from the shell.
Its an amazing and very simple trick to take out whole coconut as a white part only. All you you Read more.
My reading memoirs.
अपनी छोटी ताईजी के घर देखी थीं सबसे पहले वो सोवियत नारी की ग्लॉसी चमकीली बड़ी बड़ी मैगज़ीन्स. अक्सर उनके Read more.
That one moment of life….
सबका खुशियों से राब्ता कम है, बहुत बड़ा घर है फिर भी यारों, मेरे घर में भी एक कमरा कम Read more.
10 Hotel booking tips to save money and avoid hassles
When it comes to booking a hotel for vacation, families want comfort, cleanliness and amenities – and all at a Read more.
I must admit that it was a goof up by me actually. After mixing wet ingredients I found that maida(all Read more.
10 Things to do if you are getting married.
Getting married? So let me clear you one thing! Breath out the stress and prepare yourself for a better start Read more.
The eloping art of gifting.
Art of gifting : (Not all can understand this art) This pure silk scarf is from my youngest Buaji. She Read more.
Tricks to be a topper in studies.
As a worried parent lot many wish their kids to study hard but they have little knowledge to guide their Read more.
Unthoughtful parents of overaged unmarried girls.
करीब दस साल पहले वो पच्चीस छब्बीस साल की युवा लड़की, मेरी पड़ोसन की बिटिया, बंगलौर नौकरी करने गयी थी. Read more.
Do chano ki galauti kebabain.
So on this Eid al Adha if you are looking for some thing vegetarian but feels like true Eid delicacy Read more.
Two cups of tea from two daughter in laws.
Image courtesy – Mr.Google एक दिन शशिजी को सत्संग में जाना था. वो अपनी सहेली रीता जी के यहाँ उनको Read more.
That maturity in family meal plannings.
My mother starts thinking about lunch when she is still in kitchen for making breakfast. And when she prepares lunch, Read more.
Tips for alone female travelers.
Recently one of my friend’s sister contacted me to borrow few things for her first lonely trip to Singapore. I Read more.
When they degrade you, upgrade yourself.
1- The moment you start upgrading people start degrading yourself. It is totally not about you at all. It is Read more.