Bois locker room – Parents are culprits.

Well, being a mother of two kids (1 boy and 1 girl), lot many times I struggle with these kids who are lonely son or only daughter of their parents. Highly pampered brats or over controlled Cinderellas. If two sons they feel whole world’s girls are maal. If two daughters only, they feel whole world’s boys are boyfriend material. If brothers and sisters they are like “I will hide your secrets, you do for mine”.

My greedy neighbor had 3 daughters(she left our neighborhood 1 week back). She never allowed my son to learn electronics maintenance ideas from her highly talented husband because she was insecure that boy coming to home means her husband might feel bad for not having a boy.

My daughter had drawing tuitions, her teacher had only son who was too abusive for girls. So finally I stopped sending her to learn something creative. Yes I was quite apprehensive about that part myself.

I am not blaming girls or boys but please for once in a while visit your teenager kids school as an emergency visit, check on her/his friends and decorum around her. Keep track, snoop and follow your kids on internet. Talk to them casually about their friends. See what kind of mindsets they have? Which background they come from?

My son is continuously forcing me to do a very expensive course to learn gaming software because his friend is learning it. His father is owner of a big restaurants chain. They can afford. I can’t. I want him to study right now for his 12th. I caught him several nights while he was chatting yo this boy so that he can learn a bit from him. I slept in his room, listened to his conversations and even helped him in writing the codes. I promised him that one day I might buy him this online course. Started saving for it also.

Being a parent is a true physical and emotional war with yourself. One moment you are slapping your kid with chappal(slipper) and second moment you are giving him/her chocolate because his/her great numbers are online.

Kids are not little kids now a days. They know difference between normal deliveries of babies and caesarean section as well. They have seen animals giving birth on youtube on a device you gifted on their birthdays. They know a lot about bachchabaazi in Afghanistan, Nirbhaya rape case and mind infectious trolling of Swara Bhaskar. They have all knowledge on their finger tips.

Your neighbor’s simple and elegant daughter in 9th grade might be posting her arms up in hairs pictures in bathroom on Instagram with 3000 likes and 14000 followers. Feeling scary? Now ready to have some real goosebumps. The boy your son is talking with, traveling to school with, is a leader in playing games on PS4 with own collection of 1500 games and renting them in school on high price.

This is a new world with kids having multiple gadgets in their hands. They have access to whole world. They know apps tracking astronauts and marine cargo ships in their mobiles. Your kids know more about lego’s and robots instead of your own relatives. They are looking for adventures and following news headlines.

Keep them away from gadgets, limit and control their TV time? No way. All we need to do is to discuss with them about the traumas of victims, their families and sensible behavior with those who are not from your family and live outside of your door, belongs to other families. They are not ours but they outer people are our responsibility to behave correctly. You daughter or son are your kings. Do not expect others to give a red carpet to your kid. Treat your kids as a kid. Give them less stress with over pampering. Plan their punishments if they are not listening to you. Do not let them go away. You live on Earth, raising a citizen for a country and planning his behavior towards his future family too. Behave yourself first. 🙏🏼