Remembering your fever!

The boy is burning with fever,
His skin is flushed and hot to the touch.
His step mother sits by his bedside,
Worried and helpless.
She watches as he tosses and turns,
His face contorted in pain.
She knows that he is suffering,
And she wishes she could take it all away.
She tries to cool him down with cool cloths,
But it does little to help.
She gives him medicine,
But it doesn’t seem to be working.
She is starting to panic,
She doesn’t know what to do.
Society might curse him.
She feels like she is failing him,
And she is afraid that he is going to die.
But then, slowly, the fever begins to break.
The boy starts to sweat,
And his skin begins to cool down.
His step mother sighs with relief,
She knows that he is going to be okay.
She holds him close,
And she whispers, “I’m so glad you’re better.”

Doha’s hidden gem salon for stay home females.

So I was looking for a salon nearby to my home in old airport and I saw this FB advertisement. They were popping up at many times. But I was happy with eyebrows only.

Finally I thought of checking the services they were offering. 6/7 Services for 200 only?

So visited them as it is only 5-6 minutes walk away from my place. Staff is amazing and morning time during the weekdays they have less rush.

Been there for 3 services. Pedicure, face cleaning and head massage followed by head wash. They did all with great passion n care. Loved it totally.

Face cleaning was so relaxing. Pedicure they are too good and head massage is very relaxing.

They took only 2 hours approx for three services.

It is Diya beauty salon. Amazing place. Loved their facial beds. All the best to them.

Sabakha delight! (Dates shake)

Sabakha is one of the extreme sweet variety of the dates in gulf region. One date is good enough for two cups of sugary milk tea.

So basically it is a dates shake recipe. You can use any kind of dates for this shake.

There is a trick to make this yum shake. You need to grind dates n sugar n vanilla essence for a bit longer time first.

Ingredients for 2 glasses full of shake.

1/2 Cup of Sabakha or any kind of dates

1/4 Cup sugar

1 Tbsp Vanilla essence

2 Cups of chilled milk

2 Cups of chilled/frozen water

Method –

1- In a mixi jar put in dates, sugar, vanila essence with little milk and grind it very well. For almost 2 minutes on regular intervals.

2- Now add milk and grind again.

3- Finally add water and blend well.

4- Serve immediately and if you have plans to serve later do blend it again before serving as dates paste will thicken up after sometime.

Cashewlicious – The mint salty smoothie!

Benefits of cashews and mint with curd in one go.

Ingredients –

1- 1/4 Cup cashews

2- 1 Medium sized cucumber

3- 1 Cup curd

4- 1 Small green chilly chopped

5- 1 Tbsp Sendha salt

6- 1 Tsp sugar

7- 1 Tsp black pepper powder

8- 2 Cups of chilled water

9- 3-4 Ice cubes (optional)

Method – Grind (blend) all ingredients except water and ice cubes in a mixi pot.

Now pour in water with ice cubes and grind(blend) very well. Serve immediately.

Omani pilaf (Pulao) – Forgotten recipe!

Omani pilaf(pulao) is a forgotten delicacy now a days. I had it first in Muscat during my official picnic. One of our Palestine boss bought this in a pool party. He also suggested that it is a forgotten recipe. This pulao was famous as Miskin pulao( means poor people biryani).

The basic concept story about this recipe was that in ancient time people had access to spices due to sea traders but use of fresh vegetables or very fresh meat was quite rare. They used to make fragrant rice often and adding pulses was a common practice too.

Quite easy to make but few things to keep in mind if you really wish to have a very fragrant pilaf(pulao).

For making 4-5 people’s patter –

Ingredients –

6 Cups of basmati rice

2 Cups of chana dal or black masoor dal

1 Cup desi ghee

1/2 cup mix of one cinnamon stick, 6-8 green cardamoms(smashed), 4-6 black cloves, 1 Tbsp black pepper powder, Salt according to taste

2 Cups of thick curd mixed with 2-4 Tbsps dry mint leaves powder, 6-8 fresh garlic paste

Water – to the same level of ingredients

Method –

1- Wash mix of dal and rice very well and soak for 20-30 minutes.

2- In a 5 ltrs cooker (we need more steam so big cooker), heat it on high flame, lower flame and add desi ghee. Let it melt quickly.

3- Strain the rice and dal mix very well.

4- Now add all dry spices mix to melted n warm desi ghee and fry for few seconds only.

5- Now add dal and rice mix and increase the flame.

6- Keep frying the rice and dal for 3-4 minutes on high flame.

7- Now add curd mix.

8- Fry again for 2 minutes.

9- Add water to the mixture and increase little water if you can see the rice. Bit not too much.

10- Let this boil n bubble.

11- Close the lid and take 3 whistles on high flame and 1 whistle on low flame.

12- Open it after one hour only.

13- Serve with fresh mint n curd raita.