Sabakha delight! (Dates shake)

Sabakha is one of the extreme sweet variety of the dates in gulf region. One date is good enough for two cups of sugary milk tea.

So basically it is a dates shake recipe. You can use any kind of dates for this shake.

There is a trick to make this yum shake. You need to grind dates n sugar n vanilla essence for a bit longer time first.

Ingredients for 2 glasses full of shake.

1/2 Cup of Sabakha or any kind of dates

1/4 Cup sugar

1 Tbsp Vanilla essence

2 Cups of chilled milk

2 Cups of chilled/frozen water

Method –

1- In a mixi jar put in dates, sugar, vanila essence with little milk and grind it very well. For almost 2 minutes on regular intervals.

2- Now add milk and grind again.

3- Finally add water and blend well.

4- Serve immediately and if you have plans to serve later do blend it again before serving as dates paste will thicken up after sometime.

Cashewlicious – The mint salty smoothie!

Benefits of cashews and mint with curd in one go.

Ingredients –

1- 1/4 Cup cashews

2- 1 Medium sized cucumber

3- 1 Cup curd

4- 1 Small green chilly chopped

5- 1 Tbsp Sendha salt

6- 1 Tsp sugar

7- 1 Tsp black pepper powder

8- 2 Cups of chilled water

9- 3-4 Ice cubes (optional)

Method – Grind (blend) all ingredients except water and ice cubes in a mixi pot.

Now pour in water with ice cubes and grind(blend) very well. Serve immediately.

Marwari kadak ka atta (For crispiness).

One of our kitchen Maharaj(cook) used to bring this powder in my in laws home. His samosas, paranthas, vadas and kachoris were amazingly crispy. I thought it is a maida or cornflour. But one fine day his wife Usha Aunty(Misrani- cook) told me to how to make it with few strict tips and also to how to use it as well.

Ingredients –

1 Cup Sabudana (sago seeds)

1 Cup Poha (Chivda-flattened rice)

1/2 Cup rice flour

1/2 Cup corn flour


2 Tbsps of baking soda (khaney ka soda- soda by carb)

1- Mix all dry ingredients in a big bowl, cover it with ultra clean cotton cloth and keep in sun light for 2-3 hours. (A must thing to do).

2- Now let it cool down.

3- Put in mixi zar and sprinkle baking soda over it. (Sprinkle it, please do not put just like that).

5- Store in a box and keep it in a cool and dry place.

4- Grind it very well. Sieve 2-3 times in a very ultra thin sieve.

6- Because there is no salt so you can use it in jalebis and shakkarpare mix as well for crispiness.

7- It is not a rising powder. It is for stiffening and crispiness only.

How to use it –

Be cautious. Use only 4-6 tbsps if you are making kachoris, paranthas or samosas along with little extra oil for four people. Increases or decrease according to the ingredients. If you are making six samosas only 2-4 tbsps of this powder is good enough.

Do try, thank me later.