Things girls can avoid doing in new relationship.

1- Stay in your financial shoes as well as emotional shoes.

2- Do not splurge money on him.

3- Do not post on social media a lot about your feelings about him.

4- Do not check his background a lot.

5- Stay humble, stable and controlled.

6- No matter what he says, shows or do, just stay reserve and be happy.

7- Do not raise his expectation by overdoing anything.

8- Texting, calling or mails, limit yourself.

9- Ask yourself a question “you want him as life partner later or just a playmate”? After that move further.

10- Do not disclose your financial issues or assets too much.

11- Just stay smiling, INTELLIGENT and beautiful.

12- Show you best and look like limited edition one. Not a cheap-stake and head over heels type.

13- Any daytime calls just take few and cut short. Let him be curious n crazy for you.

14- Be a woman for him not MAMA AVAILABLE FOR FREE ALL TIME kind of thing. 👍🏻🌟👍🏻