12 Points to learn before joining a birthday party.

When you attend a party specially little kids birthday party as family either you create mess with others for the host or you behave good and extend a happy helping hand to organize and celebrate the moment. Isn’t it.Why but all are not like that?Why people get drunk at late night parties even though they are with families?

I hope we can move a step forward to learn few things before attending party next time! We can teach basic things to our kids so that lot many hassles for the party host parents can be less hectic.
1- Please do not waste food. Take in plate half of what you think you can eat. Now a days everything comes very expensive. If food is pre-served and packed than have it in sharing basis than open other plate.
2- Avoid creating mess by taking less drinks in glasses.Throw the glasses in the garbage bin only.
3- Do not shout, argue or get over excited.Just keep calm for the first half an hour to keep the party host calm too.
4- If you or your kid has to perform than rehearsal it at home. Do not pressurize your kid to perform all of the sudden.May be he or she is not mentally prepared.I really feel bad myself when I see parents try to drag or shout at their kid to do the thing all of sudden.
5- If the cake is big or small, whatever please control yourself from indulging too much or asking for several helpings.May be your party host is saving it for some late comers or to distribute to few others.
6- Balloons, confetti or caps. Do not be greedy to collect a lot. may be lot many people are watching you silently doing this.
7- Do not open return gifts at host place. Be patience and wait for reaching back home.
8- Do not stay back long by chatting. Try to move out first to show others a way as sign.
9- Do not pressurize the host to start the dinner or lunch as soon as possible. If they are delaying it too much than only gently remind them.Lot many times they get confused and things get delayed.
10- After coming back to home send a thank you note with appreciation of their efforts. It helps and boost the moods of tired hosts.
11- If you see host is in mess or confusion. Get up and start working with them to control the things.Lot many times over excited kids create so much confusions.So first calm down the kids with small game or performance.
12- If you are having plans to take some food to home for some family member than carry your own small plastic containers.
Happy partying!

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