30 Things lot many Indian apartment neighbors wish to tell each other.

 1- We switch on the lights at my main door every evening but you do it rarely. If we both fix week or month and remind each other it will be a great thing.

2- Keep your door bit open if you are expecting lot of guests for dinner tonight may be my kids r studying or watching TV or May be we r lonely couple sleeping early.

3- If you are new than please note down the closest landmarks to your building and exact number of your flat n floor because your visitors, vendors and courier persons are knocking my door actually.

4- Husband wife shouting fights gives a negative impressions and quarrelsome kids too. I know how sober you behave in lift with me but I still remember last night weeping n crying you had in your family. Keep your tones n volume low.

5- Your kids love muddy shoes and clothes but I don’t so common passage should be clean always.

6- If we both share a small expense for building cleaner boy, our surroundings will be more cleaner.

7- If you wish to borrow anything please call me on phone first better than ring my doorbell. Would u like me to open door in towel or stinking hair dye on my head? Or may be I m in meditation or yoga.

8- Taste the dish before you send it to my house. If you can’t eat it than how can me and my family will eat it? I noticed the watermelon you send was outer side of fruit.

9- Please can u check with us if we are vegetarians or non vegetarians before sending anything on festivals. We love sweets indeed but we are Jains too so no biryani or kebabs please.

10-I am good heart with you and you too with me doesn’t means that I m ready to feed your dog behind your three months vacations or water your plants even. I have my own life too.

11- We spend 6 months in India and six months in our kids place in Delhi or Chennai or USA doesn’t means that we will carry 10-15 kgs goods for u in our return flights. So please don’t ask us to buy gold diamonds or expensive gadgets or spices or sweets.

12- We are newly married couple and we hate when your hubby drops in for long chats or staring my wife or your wife drops in to teach her how to keep household perfectly for long hours.

13- I m a working woman and my kids need my time in the evening so please don’t ask me to listen whole building stories or inquire about my post salary and savings etc. My mother in law never did so please you also not better bother me.

14- You have small kids and I do have so all the time your kids playing at my place is not fair. Please invite my kids too to your place.

15- If my kids wearing something less fancy at a common birthday party than please don’t point this to other neighbors. They will inform me very soon what you said.

16-If we recently moved in than please help us, inquire about us and keep your sweet mouth closed about us to others. Because after few months everything is going to come back to us whatever you may spread about us.

17- We share common maids but please don’t ask her my menu or my hubby’s habits. She is telling me all this with your inside details to get the benefits from both of us.

18- Sorry I have my own 24 hours maid doesn’t give u an impression that I m avoiding u it is simple that I don’t want to have a common servant and I want a help around me all the time.

19- I have my own style of wearing heavy embroidery saris, light chiffon, silks or western wear. I have to do nothing what way your husband looking at me. This is your own problem.

20- Toys are toys so if we have same aged kids so pl don’t make fuss about having expensive or cheap toys. One day we both will give them away.

21- We both have our own families so better not back bite to my relatives in park or lift and each other house. They will come and go back but you are ruining our daily routine of happiness.

22- You going out and handling over the keys to your main door to me. Are you sure am not going out too? May be I have my own plans.

23- You have big dog! Ok than please hire a trainer too to teach him to not to harm society kids. It may be a bit expensive but it is better than shelling out thousands if he harms any of kids later.

24-Sharing common pool doesn’t means that your kids will use entire season my kids sunscreen or allergy cream as taken for granted. I am quite but I notice it.

25- My 24 color sketches set is missing few. I am regular to your house and I saw them in your kids pencil box. Can u please ask them to return it?

26- Please don’t pressurize me to vote for your choice person in Society elections.

27- Yes we do have expensive things in our house but that is none of your business to count in our money or if we have lesser expensive things so u will point that too.

28- My Mom in law had a surgery doesn’t mean that you spread the news and force 26-27 families to drop in my house to say her hello. She needs rest.

29- Please don’t shout my name for cooking something in society party arrangements without my acceptance. Dessert for 60-70 people cost a lot and so do anything else. I know you put dessert in my name and yours to bring chapattis.

30- Stay away at a limited distance and wait for my call.We both are human being and let us treat each other like that only.

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