Oprah forgot to do 5 home-works for Harry & Meghan’s episode!

Yes! Everybody do make mistakes but Oprah actually felt so overwhelmed that she totally forgot (I have doubts) to do in advance.

1- Saying NO – come on Oprah! You are a celebrity TV show host. How come you had no sense of diplomatic responsibilities towards the head of common wealth countries.

2- Why not a single question about Meghan n Harry’s past? Like their affairs, marriage n divorce?

3- Why you had no courage to advise them or ask them that why they spent shamelessly millions for their wedding from the common tax payers pocket?

4- You shoot this episode like a cheap gossip monger who is interested into filth and nothing else? No cross question even. Did they paid you?Than why no fact checks? They were speaking anything and you on the other hand ready to digest it? Common people know more about Meghan than your idiotic PR team? They had no sense that what kind of such low grade episode they are making/shooting and will affect your reputation worldwide?

5- Why as a senior host you advised them openly to stay calm, adjust and try to mingle back with family and babies?

Watched this episode two times and seriously felt that so many things are not digestible at all. Looks like a paid promotional thing to me.

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