5 Quick tips to settle down your kids in the new school environment.

Special thanks to my friend Mrs. Pooja Shekhar for inspiring this post.

New schools are always a place of anxiety for kids. Although they fear and get panicked a lot but lot many times they create scenes, hide feelings and find it quite difficult to adjust in different atmosphere. Especially when they are changing school, we need to pay special attention by extending a helping hand being guardians to them.

1- Count the blessings in front of them – Simply start saying a prayer in front of them that how lucky you all are to get a great school. Let them feel the gratitude and respect for the new place to study. It matters a lot. Admission procedures are not easy now a days. Kids should be a part of all hard-work you did for them. It will give them a sense of responsibility and thankfulness for your efforts. Let them meditate for a while to relax the anxiety in mind. It helps.

2- Buy them something new of their choice – It is kind of trick n treated well scene. Let them feel excited that they are joining a new school with something new in bag.

3- Lunch box and goodies – Make lunch box little bigger and tasteful with few extra helpings. It will help them in sharing with old kids in the class. This habit will help them in jellying up fast. They might get already done class work (if your kids are late admission). Same with erasers, sharpeners and pencils/colors. Kids actually love to help quickly when they feel that new classmate is ready to share things. It is kind of making a own tribe.

4- To count 10 new things about – Yup, keep reminding your kids that you are going to ask 10 things they noticed about the new place everyday. Let them divert mind/ anxiety towards looking around the school.

5- Being neutral – Keep reminding them to not to indulge with a single kid all of sudden too much, not to start fights by getting provoked by somebody, not to look at the teachers the way all kids look as well do not discriminate anybody by looks or things. Ask them to wait and watch about each and everybody around.

Keep your calm and be happy. These are golden days of kids. Let them enjoy best moments in the new place.

Decided to write this article for all those kids who get transferred to new school due to parents job plans.

All the best to your kiddos.

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