7 Money eating bugs of our life!

Lot many times we see people doing great in career and saving a lot too while we can also see people doing great in career but financially they are not much well off.Always in debts and always crying for raise. It happens.It actually happens a lot now a days because of a kind of marketing which pressurizes the person to buy more, look more great and spend everyday.This is the point why lot of us are not much financially well off. Do you remember few couple of years back there were not much markets or advertisements.Right? We are more pressurized to buy this and that everyday.

I am continuously feeling that as a housewife I don’t need much buying of clothes or shoes or perfumes or makeup even. But on the other side I see my working neighbor lady who is very simple and wears same 5-6 pairs of clothes to her work in school since 4 years.She got big bank balance and she buys gold too on festivals. Obviously she is not spending loads of on herself every second day and it matters a lot.

So I started counting the reasons we are loosing money a lot every single day because we are ignorant of these top 5 money eating bugs.

1- Clothes – If you try to make a point that you will buy clothes two times a year or on any special occasion only i.e. birthdays, anniversary or festivals only, you can spot the difference immediately in your wallet.Try it.Just ry to not get lured by sales or promotions at nay cost.

2- Shoes – If you are at home always you need fewer pairs but if you are working you need comfortable and multiple dress matching shoes like black brown or whites.Try to apply it while buying shoes instead of colored ones. You will save a big chunk because you are going to make a promise yourself that you will buy shoes once a year only.

3- Make up – Try buying less and using maximum of what you buy. Instead of throwing use it full and focus of maintaining good home remedies for skin toning. More sparkling skin you will be having lesser cosmetics you will need. That way obviously you are going to save lot.

4- Furnishings – Whatever you buy once try to buy good quality and get it washed on regular intervals.Maintain the furnishings instead of throwing them and buying new ones. I personally feel more comfortable in those houses of relatives who use same curtains for years.It gives a personal feel to me while visiting them. Avoid eating on sofas or carpets to save them from unwanted deep big stains.

5- Cars – If you maintain your cars for long, you will end up in buying a new one very rarely. Clean your car everyday with a simple soft cloth instead of polishing or washing it with water or chemicals. Don’t allow to smoke or eat in the car or use strong perfumes or even car fresheners. Weird?Yes it is weird tip.Because different kind of smells makes the car upholstery oozing bad smells in returns so take about smell part.

6- Regular market visits – If you are visiting malls for recreation purposes, you will end up in dreaming of buying this and that only. Visit parks, seasides or relatives or friends instead of going out on shopping sprees. Visit hypermarkets with a list and stick to it always. Just control yourself for two months and see the difference.

7- Cutlery – If you have regular visitors keep two sets and if you don’t have than don’t buy huge sets or several porcelains. I saw several families buying expensive stuff to fill the cabinets/showcases only and when they go back to country they end up in paying huge courier charges.Buy good one but required things only.

Happy life!

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