Before starting for your honeymoon check these points.

I was prompted to write this article after my recent trip to Far East which included multiple countries visit with family. In Phuket we were on a cruise ship and it was full of several honeymooners too. It was a pretty long trip to Phi Phi Island and during this we noticed several good and bad incidents of those newly married couples. Finally thought of jolting down some hints for the honeymooners. I hope this article will be of some help. 

1- Choose you shoes wisely. If your honeymoon includes loads of walking and trips beach, you need a pair of flat slippers and sport shoes nothing else. Every inch of heel will create health nuisance for you. Just think of comfort not fashion. 

2- Choose your clothing well. If your skin is fair and sensitive than stay covered rather than showing off the skin. May be your little ignorance will create big skin problems for you. 

3- Keep basic medicines like antiseptic skin ointment, fever and pain killers alongwith band aid and sunscreen lotion.

4- Cotton napkins or small hand towels are more useful and handy rather than tissue papers. 

5- No matter how much your spouse loves you but disorganized stuff pissed everybody off. Same with stinky body too. So try to be well organized and clean always. Carry deo sticks n perfumes. 

6- If travelling to abroad than try to follow all local rules and ethics. Travelling to Srilanka and try to roam in bikini or short dresses is not appropriate. Check on travel sites for dress codes in temples or other religious places if they are included in your trip.

7- Try to avoid any bad habit of throwing garbage here n there or staring at other females. People around you will feel bad for you and your spouse too. 

8- Shoplifting or stealing from the hotels is big image spoiler too. So never even thought of doing it. 

9- If you are love married than carry some books with you because sometime you want to be alone. Same with arranged married couples. Just carry some extra power banks fully charged to avoid blank mobiles. 

10- Do not try to dominate your spouse for small issues. If he/she want to try new kind of food let them try without creating scene in front of big crowds. 

11- Do not buy big objects like hats etc. They will create big problems while packing. Buying fruits means you will end up in gooey things because cargo always goes to non ac area where fruits ripe within 1-2 hours and start perishing. 

12- Avoid useless heavy shopping. Do balanced equal shopping for each other’s relatives. 

13- Keep calling back home for limited minutes without giving long details to avoid embarrasment to spouse. Long calls means you are spending money uselessly.

14- Treat your hotel room as others property without creating any visible dirtiness. If you are using protections than throw it in garbage bin well wrapped in the tissue papers. 

15- Check all walls, art objects and doors in the hotel room for the hidden cameras.Be safe. Try to book a good hotel.

16- Try to book everything directly rather than through agencies. 

Happy journey!  

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