Doha delight! Clean n elegant n yum smoothie!

This smoothies is full with the goodness of dates and many other yum surprises. Great change to your regular smoothies.

Ingredients –

1 Cup of Ajwa dates -deseeded

2 Cups of Chilled/frozen water

2 Cups of full fate milk

1/4 Cup white sugar

4 Tbsps of Vanilla essence

1/2 Cup puck cream

Method –

You need to burn mildly 2-3 dates on low flame for few seconds before adding to mix. This will give a mild caramel flavor.

1- Take a mixi blender jar.

2- Pour in cream along with sugar, vanilla essence and dates.

3- Now grind them for good one minute on highest speed.

4- Now add in water and milk.

5- Blend for one minute.

6- Pour in freezes glasses and serve immediately.

7- If you make and freeze it, 60% taste will be gone because dates content swells fast.

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