Five best multivitamins for weight loss.

For weight loss process you need to maintain your energy and efficient stamina at all cost. Here I am going to share few things which are continuously helping me in retaining my weight same to same since many years.

1- Apple cider vinegar – You need to drink it with mixing in normal drinking water. It will help in reducing fat within few days of use. Try it. Cider blocks the digestion of the starch. Which helps in loosing the weight.

2- Vitamin C water tablets – Best n very easy thing to use. It actually filters out the toxins. You can use fresh lemon juice as well or you can opt for water tablets.

3- Vitamin D – Check with your physician and get some of these vitamins with medical prescriptions. Because these are having side effects so you need to get them through prescriptions. As you might be advised to take it with vitamin c because together they work well for weight loss.

4- Probiotic flavored curd – Yes! One of the best thing let us say yummiest thing. As they are in many flavors. You can try replacing heavy food with them. Keeps you full for good few hours.

5- Almond powder – It is kind of energy booster and great sources of many essential things in one go. Like 60-80 grams of it contains many calories in one go. Plus you can add little cardamom or coffee for changing the flavors. Better you make it at home.

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