Harry & Meghan – 11 Times they failed me as a fan.

1- When news appeared of Harry dating an American actress, simply (curiously)asked my kids and they told me about some B grade actress doing weird scenes. They were not interested. So googled her and found this picture…. 🙁 (Deleted picture as I was forced by high profiled PR team).

2- Gosh! She was a divorcee and her two close relatives left some property and she along with her mother inherited it. Are you serious respected Queen? No background checks for such a high level royal wedding? Why? Really wish that getting Uk visa was that simple too. Before my imaginations that dirty Tiara fight news were already on Instagram.

3- Now her father threw a tantrum and he was ghosted(But she called him “Champion”?). Saw Charles holding her hand to wedding alter and mother sitting there as a guest. But she was crying. Wait, something was not genuine for sure. Who asked her? And her daughter was already married once right? And she faced a bitter divorce and blame game on her in laws as well.

4- Harry got married and soon those ugly PDA videos started surfacing. One year and pregnancy news during royal wedding and many more idiotic things happened. Those push jacket back to show baby bump videos were floating on social media.

5- Immediately after wedding I found Meghan to struggle hard with those Kate style copying heels. She was about to fall and holding Harry’s hand was essential. Her private secretary looked sacred and bullied heavily in few videos. Poor soul.

6- Baby came in private without Royal hospital visits and hardly (not a single time) I heard that Meghan visited hospital for check ups even. How is that possible? Why Kate’s morning sickness was a news and Meghan was a super woman without single hospital visit? Weird?

7- Finally they left for Canada and I thought ok they must be trying to get a quarter in a castle but failed so they felt abused in frog-more cottage so left. In a country where getting a two bedroom apartment costs a lot they were not HAPPY with a palatial luxury home? Wow! Free money actually increases your greed. Looks like she was expecting the Queen to gift her Windsor castle. Are you serious?

8- I thought they are going to start a good business as Harry had pockets full of father’s pocket money and they will start a swanky restaurant or gym or pr agency or baby brand like –

9- But I found them in court rooms, TV show and dirty chicken barn, accusing of not getting security, title and money. You and your wife paid Oprah so that you can vomit on Oprah’s couch? How shameless you both are? After eating heavy money from British taxpayers for your wedding and luxuries you are shitting on their emotions and Harry you are allowing your narcissist wife? Are you dumb or blind or some kind of addict? You have no brains? At all! Who actually is paying them? I want Royals to take back every single piece of Diana’s jewellery from Meghan the porn Markle. It is a shame to a lady who suffered a lot in her life. Just take them all back. Harry and Meghan are shame to every single tax payer of Britain who earn with hard work and pay his/her taxes on time. Just take back every single penny.

10- Seriously! Why can’t you go, get a job and earn? Like every hard working person with honest heart and serious for own kid is doing now a days?

11- Tell me one thing! You do not have money? Right? And you guys planned another baby so that you can beg more money? And Meghan is pointing fingers on a Queen who is biggest Monarch authority in the whole world? You are involved in murder/suspicious deaths, porn movie actress and divorcee. You have no shame?

Very sad. Total failure you both are.

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