How to buy pure desi ghee?

1- Try to buy Kerala’s government’s desi ghee Milma . There is a reason for it. Kerala government’s adulteration rules are very strict for adulteration. This is one of the finest desi ghee from God’s own land.

2- If a ghee is jammed with something white at down it is mixed with dalda. Like Amul. That white residue at its Indian market product is quite suspicious.
3- Go to a shelf of desi ghee. Check for Ghadeer or Milma or Nambisan. Quality can be checked in a easy way. Pure and best ghee never jammed on shelf at lower level.

4- The more expensive it is, more quality wise purity.
5- In India best n pure desi ghee is very expensive as they are named GRADE 2 desi ghee. Check on amazon India website.

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